Friday the 13th…

Friday the 13th…

Are you suspicious of the number “13”? 

It’s kinda fun that in October (the star of superstition and other-worldly things) we get a Friday the 13th! Or maybe I should say, it’s kinda spooky….

From my perspective, Friday the 13th has often brought lucky blessings.

How about you? Do you stay home, shudder and hide under the covers, double lock the doors, and wait for the day to pass? Or do you look for the light in the shadows? Maybe you don’t even notice the day until something goes wrong, and there it is! There’s that unlucky thing that you knew would show up!

I was thinking about how what we expect to show up, does. And because I expect something wonderful to happen today, I’m sure it will arrive. I don’t know what it will be yet. Maybe it will be unexpected money in the mail, or someone sending me flowers or well-wishes….

It didn’t used to be that way. There was a time when I was very suspicious, and when I expected the worst to turn up. And it did.

There was such a HUGE CLUE in that predictability: 
What we expect to show up, does.

It’s a simple formula:
E=M (Expectation = Manifestation)

Last week, I had some pretty major oral surgery that is predicted to take months for me to heal from to the point where I can learn to talk and eat again. Because I’m getting tired of meals that have to be sipped, (nothing hot, no straws) I’m putting out the expectation that I will heal from this surgery in record time. It’s the focus of my morning and midday meditations, and it is the outcome I expect. In fact, as I meditate throughout the day, I envision my dentist at looking at me at my next appointment with a look of awe on his face as he sees such a miraculous speedy recovery.

That’s why, you may have noticed, I am filling my days with more coaching sessions than ever. It’s why I am sending out various offers to join me now, because I expect to be up and running at 100% very soon, and when that happens, I spend less personal time connecting with clients, and when I do, the prices go up.

In short, while I am in recuperation mode, I am much more accessible….

With that said, this is the “last call” for the Queen’s Dozen special. After this, the price goes back up to $1997, if it’s even offered again. It’s just too good an offer to pass up, and it’s too good an offer to not be limited.

If you’ve ever wanted to transform any area of your life, this is a PRIME chance to do so!
Click here to read more: Queens Dozen

What do you expect? 

I expect to be connecting on the phone, doing some seriously transformative coaching, maybe with you….

At any rate, whether we connect through the Queen’s Dozen or by other means, I ask that you support my expectation of miraculous healing by sending some soft sweet healing thoughts and healing energies my way. Because what we send out, comes back to us, and we can use a little extra love and healing.

Thanks in advance!

5 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…

  1. Bev, I think perhaps the most important lesson of life is to learn that we are free to decide how to interpret all the happenings. And when you decided to concentrate on the positive, that surely must ripple endless waves of positive energy outward to others. Blessings to you!

  2. I was diagnosed with MS 36 years ago. I was in the hospital in Critical Care when I decided to have NO MORE negativity in my life! I’ve concentrated on the positive ever since then. I KNOW every day will be a GOOD day because whatever happens it’ll turn out great one way or the other. I say, “Hi!”, to everyone. Whether they say “Hi!” back is their wish. I already did my part! Being positive is the way I live in the care center where I’ve been for almost 5 years. Thanks!

  3. Jan, Here’s to you my most fervent prayer for your SPEEDY RECOVERY! You’re such a sweet person and have done so many great things with your life that help yourself and others! Love ya’! Aunt Bev

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