From Heartbreak to Wholeness Starts May 16th!

  • Are you yearning to experience extraordinary depth and intimacy in a romantic relationship?
  • Do you want a relationship where you and your partner feel whole and complete within yourselves and are also madly and passionately in love with each other?
  • Do you ever wonder when it will be YOUR turn to experience deep and lasting love?
  • Do you worry that pain from your past or a lack of confidence in yourself could be holding you back from your ideal love and life?

If you’re a woman who has been searching for a conscious, committed “better than your wildest dreams” relationship, I have something special for you….

You may have heard about new tele-summit created by Elisabeth Scheffer, a psychotherapist and humanitarian, called: From Heartbreak to Wholeness:  Heal Your Heart.  Find Your Confidence.  Attract True Love.

This summit starts May 16th, so be sure to register NOW to catch the life changing interviews, including the first interview with Alison Armstrong and Elisabeth Scheffer (May 16th)
Register NOW and don’t miss a thing! 
From Heartbreak to Wholeness  
If you are looking for love, tune in! From Heartbreak to Wholeness is such an empowering summit that you’ll want to catch every interview!
Remember to register NOW!! Elisabeth Scheffer interviews Alison Armstrong on day one, and this promises to be a riveting interview that has the potential to transform your love life!
Share this with your girlfriends, and let’s all experience deep, lasting, authentic love.
See you there!

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