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Does a Genetic Virus Stop You from Thriving?

If you are not yet where you want to be in life, I invite you to answer this question:

Does a genetic virus stop you from thriving? 

Could it really be that the habits, beliefs, fears, and experiences of your ancestors have a role in the internal blocks to your success?

The answer to that second question is yes; it is absolutely possible that ancestral energetic strands are tethering you to a certain socioeconomic level, to a similar standard of romantic and platonic and business relationships, to a stagnant frequency of existing that doesn’t inspire you to create your best self and to up-level your life.

It’s easy to see physical resemblances in families, and it isn’t much more of a stretch to see the similarities in behaviors, beliefs, religious and political affiliations, wealth standards, the type of relationships that are (re-) created, prejudices, values, beliefs and behaviors.

Regardless of the health or sickness of the family tree, the fruit rarely falls far from the roots. In fact, even with the advances of modern day transportation and the ease of traveling the globe, most people live and die within 25 miles of their birth place. They also rarely stray far from the familial and cultural mores they’ve ingested. These internalized beliefs, opinions, biases, and values are not of your own making. You were spoon fed this potentially toxic, generally limiting mixture beginning before you were even born.

Why do I say, “potentially toxic and generally limiting?” Patterns imprinted onto the soft tissue of the brain at such a vulnerable even pre-verbal stage in life may serve a purpose of keeping you safe. But when the imprinted lessons are left unquestioned, the risk becomes offspring that are nothing more than clones without question of environment. The unquestioning behavior of children as little obedient clones does not bring innovation and creativity to society. Those who fail to look at the lessons of childhood with their now adult perspective leave no chance of growth apart from the familiar. All creativity ceases. And in the extreme fatalistic version of this unquestioning existence, the human species dies out. That’s the extreme of course. There are plenty of rebels who seem to exit the birth canal with a separate agenda and do manage to move beyond the invisible boundaries. But taking a closer look, will still reveal tangled familial roots.

So what’s a person to do? 

As a life coach with thirty-five years experience, there’s not much I haven’t seen. From the raw, gritty shadows of life that most never see, to the narcissistic celebrity side, and everything in between, I’ve worked with the full spectrum of personalities. One would imagine there is a clear delineation of challenges in this vast spectrum, but the closer truth is that the roots are always the same. It doesn’t matter how much money, fame, or opportunity a person has, there are invisible energetic cords that must be recognized before any great change can be achieved. And no life will be fully enhanced until the option of breaking away from the familiar is presented. Most people don’t know that they can create a life by design. Most are simply going thru life on autopilot, living each day by default.

With the goal of enhancing anyone’s life experience in mind, step one is self-awareness. Without awareness there is no chance for change. That may sound basic,as in the sort of statement that causes ire to raise and a reflexive thought of something like, ‘well of course I know who I am,” but look closer beneath the defensive reflex and you’ll find a sea of undiscovered truths, not available to the naked eye.

Your beliefs, values, and opinions have been with you since pre-birth, and were firmly installed in your subconscious and conscious minds before your seventh birthday. In fact, most of what you believe to be true, you learned before you were two-years-old. How adept were you at discerning what would best suit you when you were two? or even seven? My experience says that neither a two nor a seven-year-old is equipped to solve the challenges of adulthood.

That leads to step two: Take personal inventory; Examine all that you hold dear. And do it as a neutral, unbiased observer.

Just because it’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t make it “right”

You have been conditioned to believe, to value, to behave in certain ways according to the conditioning of your ancestors. You were indoctrinated, educated, scolded, shamed, molded, praised, imprinted, immersed in cultural mores, and baptized into a family history going back thousands of years. And chances are, you never once questioned where all that content came from. Now you are being asked to question everything you think you know about your religious beliefs, your politics, your opinions, biases, prejudices, and even your most highly held values. You’re being asked to look at your role models for love. You’re being asked to define what love is…. You’re asked how far from the tree you have come financially, romantically, educationally, politically, spiritually, physically, mentally, bias-wise, and oh so much more.

Does a genetic ‘virus' stop you from thriving? 

Since you are no longer a child, you can re-evaluate all the lessons you learned, now with adult perspective. But chances are, you’ll still not see clearly, as your filters are very deep. You’ll want someone with clear vision to be an observer to help you see your blind spots, and to help you work thru them.

That’s step three: Hire a coach.

That may sound like a shameless advertisement for services. And here’s the other side of that:

If you could have, you would have, and you haven’t.

  • You haven’t yet cut the ancestral cords that keep you tethered to that energetic 25 mile psychological existence.
  • You haven’t yet cleared your mind of the genetic virus that keeps you as small as were your ancestors.
  • You’ve not yet claimed YOUR beliefs, YOUR values, YOUR way of being, YOUR lifestyle on YOUR terms.

By the way, no one is making you or your ancestors “wrong.” This is not about notions of right and wrong. This is about empowering you to live your life by your design, free from the ties of any mind virus, of any genetic viruses, of any lingering energetic ties that do not feed your whole mind-body-spirit growth.

This leads to step four, which may be the most important step of all: Let go of resistance, and open your mind and heart to the possibilities of being liberated to an up-leveled life experience. Again, if you could have done this alone, you would have. And having a professional to guide you thru the underbrush makes for an easier, more successful journey and results in an extraordinary outcome.

A lot of coaches like to hook clients for a long-term commitment. That’s not the case here. The truth is, my preference has always been for short-term, long lasting results. I cannot think of any better experience than when a client is flooding with emotions of gratitude for having been given the instructions on how to navigate the currents, and are then handed the keys to new lifestyle. It’s priceless. It’s so much richer than drawn out coaching that lasts sometimes for years. And the really beautiful thing is that the transformation is observable. A woman loses years, maybe decades from her face when the stress leaves as the self-love flushes out all that old stuck “stuff” that no longer suits her (if it ever did!). And it all happens in 90 days. In three short months, a complete life transformation takes root, and a new “family tree” can grow. One which is not sick with a genetic virus, but rather blossoms into a most beautiful growth imaginable.

This leads to step five: Invest in a 90 Day Deep Dive and excavate any genetic viruses. Find and transmute the lessons that don’t support your magnificence.And do it all from the comfort of your own home or office, in only 3 months, from anywhere on the planet.

What would you give to live the life you desire?
What’s the value of that premium lifestyle?
What’s the cost of doing nothing?
Now think about the cost of doing nothing and how it impacts every area of your life. EVERY. AREA.

The price for a 90-Day Deep Dive is $2997, and payment options are available in most cases.

By the way, I think you’re worth the investment. Do you?
Here’s something to consider: Take an honest look at where you are in life. Is it where you hoped to be by the time you reached this age, regardless of how young or old you are currently?
If you haven’t found the love you yearn for, if you haven’t yet broken through the self-imposed financial glass ceiling, if you have a chronic inner gnawing that there is something more to this life, that you have a purpose if only you can find that purpose, why do you think that is?

Something else to consider is how long you have been feeling this way. And then the question becomes how long are going to tolerate a “less-than” optimal life?
I’m fighting the urge to paste the definition of insanity here, but I trust by now you know what that is. I also trust that you are not insane, and will not forever keep doing what you’re doing and expecting different results.

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You have one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are. That self love spills over, onto those closest to you, up-lifting their genetic make up too! The potential positive ripples are endless. And it all starts with you.

90 days. Think about it.
Then invest in you.

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