Gestalt As You Are…



Gestalt literally means whole form. As a therapeutic term, gestalt is intent on the wholeness and balance (homeostasis) of the human organism as nature intended. Regardless of how you see yourself, you are whole and perfect in your humanness.

If gestalt were a party, it would be a come as you are party. Masks would be placed aside. The naked truths of you, stripped of cultural mores and trends, ruffles and feathers would be exposed; the black and the white, the dark and the light would be fully present, and accepted. Warts, farts, wrinkles, zits and all, you would be, we would all be, the proverbial belle of the ball. We would know the additional cliché of unconditional love. The caveat is, the love would stem first and foremost as self-love.

There is a natural cycle of human development that begins always with awareness, specifically with self-awareness. Only when one stops to see, to acknowledge, to dissect the self is one able to determine consciously the path of his or her life as they wish to proceed. It is the same with any goal or destination; that we must have a target at which to aim. When we look inward for our answers and our desires, we are then able to draw a direct line towards them.

direction As any airline pilot knows, there are constant corrections made to keep our craft (in this case, ourselves) on the course in order to reach the chosen destination. We learn and we correct our trajectory via our lessons. We set, and eventually reach the destination of our intent.

What does not happen is the reaching of our goals when there are no defined targets. So it makes logical sense to take a moment each morning before launching into the day, and meditate and intend specific actions. For example: Today I intended to write about the meaning of gestalt. I took a few minutes to think about ways in which to present the concept most simply and most easily grasped. The concept of ‘wholeness’ is simple. It would make little to no sense if I were to pretend that I have a complex idea to present here.

Likewise, human beings are actually quite simple. We may like to think otherwise, but that’s just ego spouting off. The truth is, we are all carbon-based, mostly predictable as we most easily settle into routine and resist change, and we are all in search of the same thing, which is feeling valued.

Where and how we choose to get that emotion filled is the variable to the human condition. Many people look outside themselves for external validation and support. The real power, however, is not outside. Authentic empowerment must always come from within.

True empowerment is in the consciousness of each being.
The power is in recognizing this awareness.

Authentic growth is an off-shoot of secure, healthy self-esteem. With that said, start today to acknowledge something wonderful about YOU. Through expressions of self-love and acceptance, affirm your worth, and begin your personal journey towards wholeness, towards gestalt enlightenment, towards the whole acceptance and blossoming of you, gestalt.

~As always, with love and light.


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