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In the Immortal Words of Gilda Radner…

In the Immortal Words of Gilda Radner, “It’s always something”!

I had anticipated not writing until sometime after the US elections were done, and the mud-slinging, un-friending on social media, and family feuds were settled. But that was before Covid-19 became a household word, and “Corona” ceased to call for a lime on the rim.

It was before we found ourselves with toilet paper wars and quarantines, and long before the questions brought by conspiracy theorists began to actually penetrate our once-doubting psyches.

It was before schools, libraries, and many jobs became a solely online activity.

It was before we considered “non-essential” versus “essential” jobs, and where we fit into the mix….

My planned hiatus took root for a few firm weeks, but when the times revealed a new normal for all of us, when going to a market meant to risk one’s life and possibly endanger the lives of others, that hiatus caved in to a new way of connecting. And so, here I am again, blogging away and sending so much love and compassion out to those who put their lives on the line for us, to the readers, first responders, healthcare workers, to those living in fear and to those mourning the loss of loved-ones, and to anyone who just needs a place to whyle away for awhile.

Since day-to-day socialization, hugs and snuggling, intimate dinners and quiet whispers has been replaced first by near-comedic elbow greetings and now quarantine and isolation, it seems like a blessing to be able to communicate virtually. Can you imagine if this virus had come a couple of decades ago before we had the option of online surfing and social media connections? Things could be a LOT worse….

And so, in the words of Gilda Radner, I remind you that although, “it’s always something,” if you can read this, there is still much to be grateful for.

On Wednesday, 2 days ago as I write this, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake violently shook me as I wondered if it was “the big one.” I am beneath two other stories, the top floor which contained my daughter and youngest grandchild. I wondered if they would survive, if I would be found at the bottom of a rubbish pile. My hopes were that they would survive, even if I did not. The main quake was immediately followed by several non-stop aftershocks, giving the sensation of one endless earthquake. And as of this writing, there have over 180 aftershocks and counting. Some are almost as unnerving as the original quake. Almost 50,000 people were left without electricity during what had already been an unprecedented time. The anxiety reached new heights for those of us in the epicenter when we then learned that a toxic cloud of Hydrochloric acid had been released into the sky, a poison “plume” floating overhead that came as a result of a chemical spill that happened when the earth shook….

I admit to not sleeping for the next full day and night. I was too afraid to go back to my space at the bottom of what could be a concrete coffin if the quakes kept coming. But finally, I did manage to talk myself into a more peaceful place, emotionally, to a place where my heart could stop racing and my blood pressure could lower to a more healthy level. I dozed on the couch until the next rattle interrupted what surely must have been nightmares.  And then, like any good rider, a day later I got back on that horse, and went to sleep in my own bed. Because, as Gilda Radner’s wisdom reminds us, “it’s always something,” and there is much more to look forward to.

Be safe and well my friend.


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