Awaken the Goddess™ Connection Series

Connect With the Wisdom & Power of Your Infinite Feminine Gifts

For butterflies and women Escaping the Chrysalis™ transforms struggles into strengths.

As an empowered woman, empowered by struggles that led to strengths, and as an award-winning author, I remember what it was like to live small, to dis-own my feminine powers, to fear whatever waited around the next corner.

And then, at a time when I needed her most, the Goddess began to stir.

I was blessed to meet my inner Goddess a few short weeks after my son died.

She saved me from myself.

She has never again left me alone.

That was thirty years ago, and that Goddess is more awake than ever!

Fast forward, and my passion to awaken other women to the unique feminine powers each is blessed with has blossomed into a full-winged career of Empowering Women.

Is it time that you awaken your goddess?

Is it time you lived a heart-centered spirit-led purposeful life?

If you answered yes to either of those question, I invite you to claim the Awaken the Goddess™ Transformational Bundle for only $47.

This Awaken the Goddess™ Transformational Bundle is a series of audio recordings and an e-book designed to assist the woman who is ready to form a committed relationship with her most constant and powerful ally…

Are you ready to connect to the inner guidance that will ultimately lead you in the direction towards your Divine radiance and glory?

She’s been awaiting this day for eons…

Don’t keep her waiting any longer:

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Wishing you wings~