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Congratulations on getting in on this super empowering Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ bundle! The bundle consists of 11 audio recordings, which will arrive in your email in-box as 1 separate recording delivered every three days. With the exception of the first recording, each audio recording is under 15 minutes in length for easy listening. Each audio will remain active for seven days from the date it is made available, after which time it will become disabled. This continuous process helps to ensure continued momentum and optimal effectiveness. Transformation need not be a long drawn out process. It happens now. And it happens in the same manner as were the inner blocks instilled; those non-supportive internalized beliefs and worn-out messages which have collectively stopped you from living the life your fully deserve: That is, in layers. Together, we will peel back the old layers, we ill identify the benefits you’ve been getting from those blocks, and you will determine what to keep and what to release. Then we will be adding new goddess layers which will create a strong foundation to support you in your new purposeful life. Sound Good?

Here’s what you have to look forward to receiving:



Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio # 1: Purpose




Awaken the Goddess™ Audio # 2: Who Am I? 




Awaken the Goddess™ Audio # 3: Life Mapping




Awaken the Goddess™ Audio # 4: Mirrors




Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio # 5: Monsters




Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio # 6: Release




Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio # 7: Projections




Awaken the Goddess™ Audio # 8: Dreams




Awaken the Goddess™ Audio # 9: Journaling




Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio #10: Planting




Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Audio #11: Reaping

11 Disc Set




To access your 1st Audio and e-book in the series click → Awaken the Goddess™ Audio #1: Purpose 



Awaken the Goddess 11 Steps to Nurturing Your Goddess-page-001


Awaken the Goddess 11 Ways to Nurture Your Goddess™ e-book (Use your return arrow key to come back to this page after downloading the PDF)

Are you ready to truly breakthrough the inner barriers and connect with your inner goddess wisdom? If so, click the goddess image below to breakthrough to YOU! Through this special link, you can breakthrough at less than half-price. But only through this Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ special pricing link.goddess botochelli

This astonishing breakthrough process is unlike any you’ve heard or read about. Using my proprietary 3-tiered system you’ll achieve EXTRAORDINARY life-changing results.

  • Identify what’s been holding you back from feeling like the goddess you are
  • Discover the “why” that has kept you justifying your stagnation
  • Unearth the reward you have been receiving for staying stuck
  • Express appreciations for the “stuckness”
  • Release the inner blocks with love and appreciation
  • Re-claim your right to the crown

Remember to use this special link, so you can breakthrough for less than half-price.

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