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~Gestalt for Goddesses~

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For many, there is a pull towards the light that compels us to expand, and inspires us to share our truths with other women. If you are one of these spirit-driven women, you are at this moment in the right place at the perfectly orchestrated, ‘right’ time.

A huge cosmic consciousness shift is taking place. An awakening and transformation is happening at an enormous speed, and if you have found yourself on this page, chances are, you are a spoke in the great consciousness wheel. Your positive ripples are a crucial addition to the expanding force of feminine energies that are now aligning to mindfully save this universe.

In 1995, I was blessed with the death of my son. The excruciating episode of my life was a mire pit that held many priceless lessons and messages in spiritual truths. My experience is a source of growth that, without the death of my child, would otherwise have remained hidden. Once the secrets were revealed, I exited the darkness with a special grasp on the light. The pain of losing a child was the catalyst for Blessings in the Mire, A True Story of Miracles & Recollections, a book which has since helped others to heal and expand their consciousness, thus the universal consciousness.

Blessings in the Mire

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Regardless of the pain I was experiencing due to the death of my child, and despite my dogged reluctance to embrace even the slightest possibility that there may be real potential for healing my broken heart, I avoided the healing powers of outside healers. I’ve just never had much exposure to self-professed “healers” so I steered away from those whom, had I chosen to give label to, would surely been tagged as charlatans.

However, the wisdom of the Universe vetoed my call. Thus, during my own scattered mending processes, I was blessed to meet with a healer of seemingly other-worldly power. She was astonishing, and she patiently allowed me my stubbornness, and led me as a reluctant participant to the tiny child-goddess spirit inside. The details are in Blessings in the Mire, but as for the abbreviated version let’s just say that the resultant transformation was the wave that brought me to goddess gestalt (wholeness).

Since that meeting with my inner spirit, I have continued to transform in the light of truth. The Divine Goddess has been my trusted source energy ever since, leading the way to fulfillment and to grasping opportunities, assisting my writings, and shining the light when the tunnel seems long and shadowed. And your Divine Goddess within you seeks to show you your truest potential too.

  • Have you discovered your calling?
  • Are you living your fullest life possible?
  • Are you holding onto any old blockages that keep you stuck, that stop you from success and fulfillment?
  • Have you found balance and wholeness?
  • Are you sharing your gifts with the world?
  • Are you happy and experiencing wellness?
  • Are you open to your whole experience of being?

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You are a gift. You are a valuable, perfect human being you in the best way you know how to be. And all your talents and skills, and each of your experiences have filled you with expanding value that can help others. If you are ready to share your gifts with the world, or if you are ready to release the internal blocks to success and fulfillment, gestalt techniques are tools that can move you to the next level of being.

Gestalt means whole. If your Divine Goddess is separated from your consciousness you are not living in prime wholeness. Your Divine Goddess within is the source of your connection with all and oneness. She is your greatest fan and protector and strives to show you the vastness of your wholeness. You are a leader among women. Your Divine Goddess is awaiting your awakening to the truth of your personal power. Gestalt techniques inspire human expansion through mindfulness of the whole self, and through awareness of the ways in which we have been stuck. Gestalt helps you to release the past ills, and to embrace the potential of you, free from the lies of the past.

Empowerment is the liberating result of gestalt techniques. When you let go, and let gestalt remember you into a whole source, your life will take off in wonderful directions. You are opened to your mind, body, spirit connection. Your once broken self is now made whole, complete, as you were at birth.

  • Relationships are healed.
  • Self-esteem is enhanced.
  • Wealth blocks are removed.
  • Victims and victimizers are neutralized and re-wired.
  • Goals are reached.
  • Dreams are informational tools to fulfillment.
  • Health is improved.
  • Optimal weight is reached.
  • Participants are empowered.

As a result of the personal growth, the positive ripples echo out into the universe and help to heal humankind, while in the law of attraction, the returning resonance is re-affirming to the sender.

If you are reading this, it is because you are ready to step up, to take control of your experience of being a human divine goddess. If you are ready to take the next step into your potential, click the link below and schedule a complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call. to learn ways about the ways gestalt can make life better for you.

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Your best answers are inside of you. Your Divine Goddess is excited to share your wholeness and magnificence with the universe. Let’s not keep her waiting any longer.

~Thank you, often~

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