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Gold Level Virtual VIP Day

The Gold Level Virtual VIP Day is an intensive full-day of life-changing personal transformation created through alternating communications, assignments, and ultimate breakthrough services taking place in the comfort of your own home or office, virtually.

The Gold Level Virtual VIP Day is a premium service which offers rapid breakthrough in one empowering day. It consists of approximately 6-8 hours of intensive, effective, mindset-shifting, life-transforming, experiential exercises and authentic coaching at a profoundly deep and personal level. Definitely not for the timid or uncertain, the results of the Gold Level Virtual VIP Day are often miraculous, and the continuously unfolding effects are cumulative, lasting a lifetime.

Due to the intensive nature of the Gold Level Virtual VIP Day, spaces are limited. Only 7 Gold Level Virtual VIP Day clients are admitted per year. Scheduling a short phone call is necessary to connect our calendars and schedule a full day together, as well as to set the limits of the day to ensure you receive the most possible content without being completely overwhelmed. On the initial call, you will be asked your #1 Obstacle/Issue you wish to address. We will then “discover” if we’re a good fit for services, and if so, we will schedule the Gold Level Virtual VIP Day and if you haven’t done so, you will supply your payment method. To schedule a Gold Level Virtual VIP Day pre-call click the button below:

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Alternately, you may secure your Gold Level Virtual VIP Day using the PayPal button below prior to scheduling the pre-call and you will be contacted to set the date.

If, for any reason, you are not accepted into the program a full refund will be made.

Email any questions to or use the small VIP button above.