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Good News/Bad News: You Create Your Experience of Being

Depending on your circumstances, this will either come as good news or bad news:

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So the first thing to look at is who are you being? And I suppose even before looking at that, maybe we would better look at are we happy being whatever and whomever we are currently being?

What experience are you creating? Are you consciously creating the life of your desires or are you living by day-to-day default?

We_CreateWhen I learned that the average human spends more time planning a weekend vacation than they spend planning their life, it really affected me. Had I too been living unconsciously? I couldn’t help but wonder. And when I discovered my answer, I couldn’t help but take action.

I’m not perfect. And neither is my life. I am, however, perfect in my humanness, as are you. And I am a work in progress, seeking my greater potential as I continue stretching the boundaries of who I was last decade and even last year or last week. And now that I realize that I actually create my experience, I make it a point of visiting my inner guides on a daily basis, to make certain “we” are on track for reaching our (now) consciously determined destination. Take a Break

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Over decades of working with groups of women and one on one, I notice there is a single thread that runs through every life. It is the golden strand of ‘self’.

Self, is either recognized as worthy, deserving, unique, expansive, limitless in potential, powerful, or it is stuffed deep into the darkest basement well beneath awareness.

Sometimes, self is so feared that it causes women to run away screaming rather than to take a peek at their self. And yet the truth is, the power is in the awareness of self. In fact, if you want to be empowered to consciously create the life of your deserving, you first must address your degree of self-worth and deserving.

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Self-esteem, self-love, self-awareness, self-love, self-care, are the pieces of self that require attention lest the whole self suffer. If you’ve experienced self-doubt, you know the feeling of that suffering. And, you are not alone.

I’ll be candid here and say that it’s really challenging to not go into an advertisement about the award-winning inspirational Escaping the Chrysalis and especially, about Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook here, or to offer some special discount on coaching. The tools are packaged and ready for the taking. But I resist the urge, because if you’ve been with me for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard all about the available power tools. You don’t need me reminding you that I am here for you, and so are the transformational tools.

So squelching that urge, instead of promoting, today I am giving you a FREEBIE:
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I hope you enjoy it. It’s just for you. There is no need to share your responses to the content unless you wish to. It’s all perfectly confidential.
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