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Grace as a Safe Place

Finding grace isn’t always easy. But as habits go, grace as a safe place is a good default to create. When we default to a state of grace, we experience a calm under the most stressful conditions. That state of grace is something I have been short on recently, and today I am vowing to re-connect with that preferred essence. Jokingly I’ll say that the earthquakes have rocked me off my center. Today, I reclaim my equilibrium with a consciousness that has me pulling out my precious talisman, reading goddess cards, and rearranging my priorities to better nurture my spirit.

Something has shifted. The violent earthquakes are finally seeming to subside, and although the contagion and deaths are still on the rise, something in my spirit has surfaced: a reminder of our infinite nature has allowed me to exhale.

You may or may not know that my past includes ownership of a “new age” angel store. As the neighborhood “angel lady” and purveyor of all things celestial and other-worldly, I was blessed to meet hundreds of open-minded and spirit-led humans. The blessings were countless. Now I am reminded to step back into that frequency where grace is a state where stress cannot take root. And so I invite you to create that state of grace as a safe place to hold and nurture you as you travel the waters of our unknown future.

Much Love. We will get thru this.


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