“Great Minds….”

“Great minds….”

eleanor-roosevelt with quote“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s not difficult to imagine a conversation with the insightful, Eleanore Roosevelt; perhaps over camomile tea on the White House lawn…white linens appropriately starched ~Not too much; I’m surmising the woman was not all that rigid even in terms of linens.

The conversation would be about how we, together as a collective human force, can change things for the better. We would indeed discuss the global condition, but not as to whine about it; rather, to seek the solutions that come in collaboration and cooperation.

A little gossip, a bit of complaining about the insolence of co-workers or of the ignorance of family members, is more than a “little bit” harmful. At the least, gossip mongering is doing nothing to positively alter the course of the globe, or of the participants.

Eleanore’s words got me to thinking about what one thing I can do today to encourage growth and progress as opposed to squelching (with punitive thoughts, words, or actions) all the potential this day offers. Here is what I came up with: This post. This post is the beginning of the ripples in the Universal sea. My words have power, as do the words of everyone.

Message Stones

Our words have the power to incite or the power of insight.

We are free to choose if our words are bullets or soap boxes or wraps of verbal support. We decide, consciously or mindlessly, to use our words to build or destroy.  And perhaps the biggest thing to recognize is that our words are boomerangs. What we say will exactly return to cause the havoc or rewards which we fire off.

Our words are a direct reflection of who we are experiencing our inner self to be. In other words, our words are a direct projection of how we feel about our self inside. All communication is laced, if not built around the structures and foundations of self-esteem. With a weak self-image comes a weak self-confidence and an equally dis-jointed life. Now envision that low-level of self-worth on the stage of life. What do you suppose will flow from the mouth: inciting words or insightful words?

This is not to imply that every seemingly secure individual is spewing only warm-fuzzies and love. There are multitudes of folks pretending to be secure and insightful, but when we look beneath the layers, we clearly see the inner doubts and insecurities that are not all that well masked by brandishing thunderous rhetoric and doing nothing of progressive value. Often, words are used as deflectors: An attempt to ricochet the focus in another direction. Because here’s another truth: Hot air doesn’t hide the poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is the reason for all that hot air. When we look closely, we see that the hot air is only that: a bunch of hot air that is doing nothing to improve conditions or create insight. And yes, most definitely, in many cases all that rhetoric is only stirring the putrid ripples and inciting less-than productive communication.

For today, in this present moment of valuable non-renewable life, I send you love, love, love, and lightness to lift your whole/gestalt self. And with that love and light, I also added a link to the Journey to Wholeness Assessment confidential self-esteem self-evaluation. Take the assessment in the privacy of your own home, and if you like, come back and schedule a FREE consult to see if we’re a good fit for further services.

Wishing you love, and fulfillment, today and always,


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