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Happiness Is Letting Go of Stagnant Energy

When you can identify a stagnant emotion that is holding you stuck, there are some very easy ways to release that emotional energy. In Escaping the Chrysalis, and in Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, I offer several simple techniques:

  • First, for identifying the block
  • Second, for recognizing what you get for holding onto the block
  • Third, for compassionately releasing the block.

It’s a simple process, rich with ritual, and once you’ve learned it, you will be free to release any energetic emotion before it becomes stuck. As an example of one simple way to release an emotional block that is keeping you from progressing, watch this empowering video recording of the Confidence webinar. It might set you free.

I’m all for “simple.” [bctt tweet=”Life doesn’t need to be complicated by processes that offer to enrich your life. “]In fact, my basic business structure is a clear example of how simple it is to change your life.

The 3 Steps to My Coaching Services:

  1. Acknowledge your challenge.
  2. Offer the available solution and identify the potential outcome.
  3. Take the steps together or refer out to another resource if we’re not a fit.

vintage+butterfly+blue+greenIf you are struggling with old memories, if your past is keeping you stuck, schedule a complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call.

Let’s give you back your wings….
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Escaping the Chrysalis Duo

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