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Happy B-Day G-ma “T”

Today I celebrate my Grandma “T” (Melba Spencer). She’s been gone now for a decade, and I miss her, not only on April 16th, which was her birthday, but everyday. Most especially, I miss her flamboyance, her secure “devil-may-care” attitude, and her unflappable confidence. Born into an era where women were barely on the radar of “worth and deserving,” Grandma “T” as she was known, never let anything stand in her way. And she was FUN.

As an independent role model, I couldn’t have designed a more perfect prototype! Grandma “T” was active, outspoken, unafraid, competent, and confident. And, she was the polar-opposite of my mother.

That polarity, coupled with stubbornness often led to impasses that, like a tightly knotted fine-link chain, took them years to untangle. But somehow, for the most part, they did agree to their differences.

Between the two of them, I believe I found more balance: Fearlessness, I attribute to having come from Grandma, and tenacity from my mother. As direct sources of my childhood development, the wide characteristics spectrum served me well.

Who is your most cherished role model? Who put the rebar in you at the perfect time to give you strength and backbone when you need it? Who tempered your rampant wild horse tendencies? Who has affected your growth and development?

Whoever it is, take a moment to contemplate and express gratitude to those you may resemble….

Happy Birthday Grandma “T”!

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