Happy St. Patty’s Day Friends! Create Luck Not Lack


In my youth, I was a free-wandering, curious child growing up (feel free to interpret that as you wish). I was given instruction from my mother that I could do anything I wanted in life, with the strict caveat that whatever ‘it’ was, doing it did not hurt anyone in the process. That caveat included not hurting me.

It still seems like a pretty sound bit o’advice to live by.

It’s the GOLDEN RULE of consciously doing as I want done “unto” me that still resonates as a reminder to treat others as I prefer to be treated. And besides being a common sense behavior, in the law of attraction vein of awareness, it makes sense to broadcast the vibrations of what one hopes to receive.

Today, and always, I wish you the most divinely inspired life you can envision! On second thought, I wish you a divinely inspired life beyond anything you could possibly imagine! I wish this for you, because I also wish it for myself.

I send out mindful wishes for positive endless ripples that bless you with the luck of the Irish, and the love of the Heavens, and which radiate to the universe, just in case someone is really out there to return the kisses.

And in my wishes for you, I include wishes that you have an acute awareness of your value and of your right to abundance. That pot-o-gold is yours and you deserve to live the most magnificent life of your dreams. This is truly my wish for all. 

There is no reason for lack, for mediocrity, or for suffering,

nor is there a good excuse. 

All of our experiences manifest from our core energy source. If there are issues and events we wish to alter, it is up to each of us to change our subjective source energy in order to correct the trajectory of our self-craft on this journey. Too few people have a clear plan, a cognitive realization that we are the captain of our craft. It pains me to know that more time is spent on planning a vacation than is invested in determining the clear life destination.

I’m fairly sure that if you’re still reading, if you’ve shown up here on this page, you have decided to create your own luck by consciously and consistently making your own decisions to attract luck rather than lack. Congratulation! You’re already in the top 3% of all humans. And clarity of intent and action each day will determine your destination is reached. That must feel pretty good, ehh?

Life is a choice. Luck is a choice. Lack is a choice. 

What are you choosing? Are you hurting anyone in the process?

 May all your dreams and desires come to fruition!

Thank you, often~


Today, I consciously choose to express my gratitude today for you. Thanks for showing up. Simply showing up at life each day is the first step in choosing to create the life of your desires. If you are seeking assistance with releasing inner pain, learn to let go and let gestalt empower you. Download the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment Questionnaire, fill it out, and then schedule a FREE Discovery Session by filing in the details on the pop up screen on the bottom right corner of this website. Life is too short to waste in pain.

~As always, with love, light, and gratitude.

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