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Healing the Epidemic of Worthlessness

There is an epidemic killing the spirit of millions.
It’s a plague of worthlessness, and it’s pervasive, sneaky, and deadly….

It’s time to take a stand, to let go of inferior feelings, to step into the light and be seen as the precious, unique woman you were born to be….


Are you ready to take that stand? Are you excited about the prospect of owning your wings, your voice, your feminine powers, your LIFE?

  • How will you be different from the you of today, when you step into your feminine power?
  • How will your life change when you are aligned with your whole gestalt mind-body-spirit self?
  • What will have taken place to bring you to the you desire to be?
  • How did you need to change in order to claim the life you deserve?
  • What connections were left behind?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • How does it feel to imagine this new lifestyle?

When you step into your life, you cease to play the ‘victim’ role. Whether it’s in finances or romances or in health or in career, all areas of your life improve when you lay down that role of being ‘not enough’ and of not being ‘worthy’….

If you trust yourself enough to give your permission to honestly answer this question, rather than stuffing it back into the woodwork of your thoughts, you are half-way to celebrating wholeness….

How are YOU responsible for holding yourself small?

This is a question that is best answered in the privacy of your own thoughts. That’s a pretty safe and fertile playground.

My favorite means of answering this sort of raw question, is in my journal. Journals are a safe and sacred space for sorting our feelings and emotions and thoughts. It’s also a space that won’t judge you, when you freely express yourself. And as an added bonus, the act of writing down anything, energizes it to a more complete outcome.

If you journal consistently, give yourself kudos. If you don’t journal, make a pact with yourself to journal at least 5 times per week for 100 days, for the habit to take serious permanent root.

Those roots are from the perfect seed, which is you, the way you are meant to be: You are a Perfect Seed.

Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed

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When you invest in your personal growth and cultivation of the life you deserve and desire, you are sending a message to the universe that you are worthy of that extraordinary lifestyle.

When you make excuses for staying in the same orbit, simply because you have not made the decision that you are worthy of a delicious life, or simply because you are too familiar with that current cycle of not feeling like you are “enough,” then you ensure nothing changes.

It all starts with a decision that only YOU can make.

If you doubt your worth, you are not alone in that feeling of being “not enough.” Thousands upon thousands of women have shared that same feeling of “not being good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough, or rich enough, or young enough, or thin enough, or lovable enough….” The list is near limitless. And they all begin and end with not enough.

You are enough. In fact, you are more than enough. You are perfect in your humanness, and once you adopt that truth in your whole mind-body-spirit aligned self, you are then an extraordinary woman, empowered with your innate feminine gifts….

Imagine this: You are a full-winged woman living the life you once only dreamed of….

How did you get here? I suggest that you spend a few hours invested in this space of imagining your perfect life, as defined by you. Feel the experience, and include all of your senses:

What do you see here?
What scents are around you?
Who is with you?
What do you hear?
How do you feel emotionally?
How do you look, physically?
What are you wearing?
What’s it like here in this desired space?

The more detail you can include in your personal vision, and the more feeling you can connect and hold with this vision, the more control you have over conscious creation of that reality.

And so I ask you not how bad do you want it?
Instead, I ask you to focus on how GOOD do you want it?!

Positive vibrations will bring to fruition the positive outcome.
Negative vibrations will bring to fruition a warped rendition of what you are hoping to create.

If you do nothing, nothing transforms.

So do at least this one thing, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Go to your mirror and scrawl it in big gigantic letters:



Because it’s true. And when you finally KNOW in your mind-body-spirit whole self that this is the TRUTH, your life will transform.

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