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Hearing With the Intelligence of Your Heart…

ear of heart

Your heart, my heart, everyone’s heart has a brain. This heart brain is actually an older intelligence source than are the brains in our respective heads. And in my bias, the heart intellect is the most intelligent brain….

If you be still, with your point of attention being on your emotional heart, and listen with your intuition, you will hear with your heart and will receive your heart’s messages.

The hearing ability of  your heart is most frequently muffled by inner voices in the head brain, but your heart is the source of much wisdom.

Those head messages may say things like, “don’t trust your heart,” or “don’t let anyone in,” or “you’ve got to listen to your mind, think about it, protect yourself, who do you think you are, be reasonable….”  The head has a lot of ego invested in being considered #1. The heart is less critical and more receptive.

The true artistry is to align the head with the heart. And to do that, requires first learning to hear with the heart…. That’s the ‘mind-spirit-body’ alignment at its highest state of being.

How to hear with the heart:

Take a Break

♥ In a quiet place where you will be undisturbed, close your eyes and place your point of attention onto your heart.
♥ Breathe in fully, extending your abdomen with the breath, and then exhale fully.
♥ Repeat the breathing exercise three or more times to get to the point of relaxation.
♥ As as you breathe in, see a flow of pink and gold light entering and filling your entire body with a beam of love energy.
♥ See this pink and gold beam circulate thru your body and filling your heart with love.
♥ Feel that love radiate through and back out of your heart, emitting an aura of love from you to the universe.
♥ See that aura of love being returned to you from the universe.
♥ Allow this inward flow to again fill your heart as your whole self swells with this divine intelligence of love.
♥ With your eyes still closed, hold your point of attention centered on your full heart.
♥ Begin to make statements that are warming. Say something positive that feels good.
♥  Repeat this again, saying something positive about the world.
♥ Do it again, this time saying something really wonderful that is going on in your life. If this is challenging, keep looking. If you’ve eaten today, give thanks for that! If you live in a house, be extremely grateful. If you’ve got an income celebrate! Find the gems in any circumstances and place your point of focus there.
♥ Continue this process of gratitude and focusing on the goodness that weaves through your life. When you are sufficiently ‘lit up’ with a higher vibration, complete the next step.
♥ Now ask any question you seek an answer to, with the caveat being that your answer must come as a feeling from your heart.
♥ Allow that intelligence to be heard. Trust it, and the more you trust it, the more you practice and hone your skill of listening, the better your heart intelligence will serve you.
♥ Finally, with your point of attention still remaining focused on your heart, and with your eyes still closed, place your palms together and rub them back and forth to create heat. When you have generated a large amount of energy, bring that energy to your heart by placing your right hand over your heart and cradling it with your left. Feel that newly generated energetic charge of love. Allow it to fill your heart with the knowing that you have your own best answers always, within. 
♥ When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take a big deep breath. Then drink a tall glass of pure refreshing water to bring you fully back into the moment.

What’s heart intelligence got to do with freedom (this year’s theme)?

Your heart frequency is the epicenter of your beingness. If your heart is wrapped in stifling ties, you are not free. There is no self-love in shackles.
When your heart is warmed and feeling full and yet open to allowing in and circulating back out the frequency of love-based wisdom, you are living in the flow of abundance. And that condition is liberating.


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All posts and the weekly newsletter during February contain content regarding ‘love,’ and this post is not immune to the stuff! Learning to be in tune, to really listen to the intelligence of your heart is truly at the core of self-love. And unless there is self-love, there is really no chance for authentic love with others.

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