Blog Posts


I’ve decided to take a hiatus from social media until the US election dust settles. I may blog from time to time, but not on any predictable schedule. You’re free to email me, but for now, I want to remove myself from the angry threads and blood pressure-raising content that spews across the waves. I’m simply feeling frustrated and very, very tired of the polarization taking place; that, and the constant barrage of fear-mongering and hate speech (and actions) taking place, pretty much globally. I’ll not be involved with tweets or FB posts or anything more political than a glance at some creative Pinterest or Etsy ideas. I probably WILL post about how this decision impacts my life, if at all.

I’m not asking you to join me. But I do suggest being hyper aware of what is spread under the guise of legitimate “news” as there is a lot of misinformation out there. Hashtag #FactCheck comes to mind.

Anyway, this is not the end of me. It’s just a hiatus.

See you shining on the other side of the fighting….