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How Has YOUR Life Changed?

Today I wandered around the house looking for signs of earthquake damage. Now I am considering the ways in which my life has changed in a few short weeks, and days, and really, as things are seemingly changing minute-by-minute, I’m noticing how life has changed by only hours. And so, with that consideration in mind, I ask you how has YOUR life changed over the past few weeks?

  • What are YOU doing today that you weren’t doing 2 weeks ago?
  • Are you living under quarantine restrictions?
  • How has YOUR life changed to adapt to the threat of Coronavirus?
  • How have you been affected personally?
  • How’s your mental state doing?
  • Have you found any new hobbies?

My hands are dry* from over-washing, and especially from being in bleach water more than ever. I’ve wiped down everything I can think of from the smallest knob on the lamps to the door jams and hand railings to the appliances. Before anything comes into the house, it is wiped with disinfectant wipes and if it’s something that’s been delivered, it sits in quarantine in the garage for a couple of days before being allowed in. Short of going to the mail box and then placing important mail into a special basket for quarantine and sending bulk mail immediately to the recycle bin, I haven’t left the house.

It’s said that ultraviolet kills viruses. Maybe we should all be sitting on our respective porches feeling the sun on our faces. The truth is, it’s rainy today and the sun seems to have given up control to the dim. I can’t help wonder what the effect of all this hibernation will be to our health a year from now. Will we all suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies? Will we have become increasingly comfortable with being alone with our own self? Will we be forever fearful of anything closer than a six-foot radius?

How do you think life will be when the virus settles and we are looking at a new normal?

What matters most, I suppose, is our ability to adapt. And so, let’s see how many benefits of the virus we can come up with, because I believe if we look deep and far enough, we will find blessings in the mire….

Stay well.


*Be sure and apply lotion to your hands, as they are most vulnerable to infection when they are dry and damaged.

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