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How Isolation Is Blocking Adundance of Wealth, Joy, Health, and Love


In the last post, Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance, I peeled back the layer to reveal that I was in fact homeless, isolated, and feeling at the end of my life as choices go. This is a place where many gifts were revealed to me as I searched for meaning in chaos. That brings us to my discovery of how isolation is blocking abundance of wealth, joy, health, and love.

Eventually, it was revealed to me that I had to go there, to experience isolation and loss, in order to understand that I could finally consciously create my life desires on my terms. And to do that, meant I had to accept where I was and start from that exact point. That’s a lesson that I would eventually take to my clients. We begin always where she is now.

Meditation and journaling are staples in my life. Regardless of where I am and of what is going on with me, I am fairly consistent about daily meditation and not quite daily journaling. These are power tools in my self-development toolkit, and are among the many tools I share with clients. Whether writing down goals, appreciations, events, or as a sounding board, journaling allows us to track the path of where we’ve been to where we are. And meditation simply allows for the spirit to be heard. That’s a critical piece of manifestation, as the spirit brings to fruition that which we seek.

During my point of homelessness, I considered much, including the loss of property, and of my grandmother who died, and then of my mother and all the dysfunction that swirled around her up until her sudden death. I began to get really clear about the ways in which I had taken on some of their abundance-blocking characteristics.

My grandmother was spunky and outgoing and very social, as long as it was with select people she enjoyed. She had lived through the Depression era, and when she died the signs of her fears were apparent: G-ma had stashes of plastic spoons and forks and knives and sugar packets and washed empty jars and plastic containers. Her supply of “just in case” items was laughable, if not revealing as to her fear of lack.

My mother, at the time of her death, was a withdrawn hoarder, with the psychological protection of double fencing around her home and make-shift booby-traps to ward of would-be intruders. Her garage was jammed with floor to ceiling boxes of catalog items she had purchased, all with the future in mind. “One day,” she reasoned, she would have the extravagant home in which to showcase all the wares that were stored, many unopened until that time, which never came.

On the surface, my mother and her mother seemed to be polar opposites. Yet, as I began to consider them both, I understood that both wore a defensive shield: My grandmother’s was her abruptness. My mother’s was more obvious with the traps and fences. Both hoarded, and both were alone when they died. Both were near destitute. They had choked-off the flow.

I understand isolation, and in fact, I have written often about the difference in being alone versus being lonely. And it wasn’t until I experienced great loss and ended up homeless that I ever felt lonely. It’s never been an issue for me, as lucky for me, I really enjoy time spent alone with me. Well, “it’s never been an issue,” until it was….

If you’ve read the previous posts, you may already have a clue that what I learned about isolation is tied in with the blockage of abundance, ehh? It’s true. Again, when one energy channel is blocked, all energy channels are blocked. And I had to learn that the hard way by living in lack of abundance in every area of my life, until I realized that I alone held the keys to the kingdom. I had to cease being in isolation, and come out into the light of abundance.

Abundance, as I like to say now, is the offspring of alignment. Click To Tweet

Consider the low vibration of feeling alone and isolated and lonely, as opposed to feeling alone as in, “Woo hoo! Thank God everyone is gone and I can now take a nice relaxing bubble bath.” In both scenarios, the result is being alone, yet the vibration of one is decidedly low-frequency and is quite high in the second.

What causes this variation in frequencies?

The answer is of course, the person’s emotions behind the interpretation. That’s it. It is only the emotion attached that alters the vibration from one of either attracting more for which to be grateful or more for which to complain. Click To Tweet

So the next naturally sequential question is: Who decides?
And of course, the answer is: You do. I do. We each do, individually.

Our entire life results come down to our individual perception, and to the emotional attachment we have to any event. Click To Tweet

And when, following a (once in my life) call in to a stranger’s webinar, I became mindful of my role in creation of my own predicament, that “a-ha!” moment was singed into my mental toolkit! Of course I create! And the light of a stranger, who also turns out to be a priceless healer, brought me to the clarity of my own creative power, until I could do nothing but claim my culpability and consciously create my way into what I desired. Suddenly, with that awareness came the alignment. Events aligned perfectly to take me step-by-step into my desired life. All I had to do was be aware, and take inspired action.

Steps of success

Now with that in mind, I promised to share a technique for manifesting from the heart chamber. Normally, I would record this sort of information so you could listen at your convenience, but I have recently had major mouth work done and am not yet ready to speak into a microphone. That may change in the next few weeks. Until then, simply try this example:

Be in a place where you will be undisturbed, and in a comfortable chair or lounging. I’m not a stickler for having your feet connected to Gaia unless you are most used to drawing on the power of the Earth’s crystalline core for strength and energy; in that case, do sit with your feet touching the floor.

Take a Break

Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale audibly through your open mouth to bring you into the present moment, and to relax you. Repeat the inhalation through your nose, consciously breathing in the energy of universal abundance of love, joy, health, and wealth, and exhaling through the mouth, any stagnant inner energies. Repeat this breath three full times, or more until you are relaxed.

Now place your awareness on your physical body. Notice any sore spots and direct a flow of loving energy specifically to the point of pain. Do this anywhere you sense a tense muscle or discomfort.

When you are sufficiently relaxed and in your body, move out of your head and down into your heart. The heart is the source of the original intellect. Go there now, and use that inner source as your place from which to simply be.


As you are now in your divine heart chamber, what do you see? Is it colorful? Are you alone in your chamber? Most importantly, what do you feel?

Breathe deeply and fill the chamber with love. Exhale any old psychic debris.

Now, still from this inner place of your heart intelligence, what do you wish to manifest? Perhaps you wish to create a life of ease, in which case you would hold onto the emotion of ease: Easy life; easy flow of abundance; easy family relations; easy living with no focus on stress; etc. Whatever it is, feel it as if it is your condition now. Because it is, if it is what you are choosing. Stay with the emotions of having manifest this desire. Hold the feeling in your consciousness. Breathe deeply into the emotion of having manifested this wondrous fruit of your desires. Just hold the emotion.

When the emotion begins to wane, express gratitude three times out loud to Source for your creation: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

After a short while, when you are ready, raise your hands up to the air and wiggle your fingers as you once again express thanks for the blessings. Congratulations. You have just exercised your creative skills.

Next time we’ll uncover why you will not be picking back up the discards of your psychic debris.

Until then, love you hard, and thank you often.
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