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How to Grow Your Business as a Published Author and Impact More Lives With Your Message


Have you dreamed of writing a book or becoming a successful published author? Do you have a valuable message that, once it is put into print, will help grow your business and transform more lives? Would you like to learn how to grow your business as a published author, and impact more lives with your message?

Or maybe you don’t have a business, but you DO have a book inside of you, scratching to get out of you and onto the pages. Maybe you want to write a book, not for the recognition and fame, but rather for the experience of becoming an author. Maybe you simply have a story to tell, and it’s time it is told….

Either way, if you answered yes, but don’t have your book written yet… keep reading!

In all seriousness, as a published author, I want to share with you that there has never been a better time to write your book and become an author. Yes YOU! A published author who signs books for adoring fans and transforms the globe with your words.

The opportunities available for authors in the 21st Century are endless, and they are within reach. And yet, the sad truth is that the majority of those who say they want to write a book never actually do it. Why? Based on more than 900 responses to a recent survey by transformational book coach, Christine Kloser, aspiring authors revealed what holds them back.

Here are the results of the survey:

Most authors don’t know where to start or what to do first. They are overwhelmed with too much information and not enough action. Sometimes things like fear and doubt creep in. Other times, its confusion, lack of clarity or confidence that can stop an author in their tracks. Another big challenge for authors is feeling like their book has already been written… by somebody else.

There is an intimidating maze of information out there about writing and publishing a book. And most of the information leads to questions: Is it best to self-publish? Or is it best to try to get an agent and sell your manuscript? How important is it to build your platform? What the heck IS a “platform” and where do I get one? What are the steps to start writing a book? How can a book be leveraged into growing and fostering a budding business and lucrative lifestyle? And what about substance? What about “writer’s block?” How much will it cost to publish?


Questions facing aspiring authors are seemingly endless, and the reality is that answers are often times confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are great people out there who want to help you write your BEST book, who are interested in your message and committed to your success. And in my estimation, the best of the best is Christine Kloser.

Christine knows that it’s absolutely possible to write your book in a way that is easy, joyful and fun, without wasting your precious time, money or energy going in circles and never catching your tail. It’s also possible your book will bring about profound personal, professional, and even planetary transformation. I know this to be true!

Consider this…

Throughout history, books have played a critical role in impacting readers to create positive changes in their lives. Seeing that individual transformation impacts global transformation, it can be said the books truly do have the power to transform the world. And YOUR book can be one of those books that transforms lives forever. The possible effects are literally timeless….


So, if you’re ready to take the next step with your book (even just a little bit interested in writing a book someday) you’ll want to join me for Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience®. Christine is a transformational book coach and is offering one of the best trainings I’ve ever seen for authors. Her faculty includes New York Times Bestselling authors like Lisa Nichols, Chris Attwood and Marcia Wieder, as well as publishing industry experts like Wendy Keller (Senior Literary Agent), and Marc Allen (CEO and Publisher of Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”). And that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for you at her f-r-e-e Transformational Author Experience®.


I hope you’ll take a look at what she’s put together for you and join us. It truly is a phenomenal program that has the power to transform your life if you let it…

Your next step is to follow this link and to become the author you are inside:




I look forward to reading YOUR best seller!







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