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How to Hang Up Your Struggle Shoes and Consciously Choose a Life of Ease

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Several months ago, I heard Emmanuel Dagher comment that it was time to “hang up your struggle shoes.” The visual of his statement stayed with me as a reminder any time I noticed myself focused where I no longer needed to be looking. What we focus on expands, and that’s a law I have seen in force for decades, so the reminder to not stay focused on what I no longer wish to cultivate comes as an extra strength message.

If you don’t know Emmanuel’s work, or have never wondered how to hang up your struggle shoes and consciously choose a life of ease, you may still want to make a little side trip here. Emmanuel Dagher is truly one of the gifts to humankind during this time of shifting paradigms. He has many layers as a gifted Intuitive, Musician, and Catalyst for the Shift. His healing presence is palpable. His insight, profound.

As I considered ways in which I have sometimes wornout my own “struggle shoes” by being attached for too long to an old story, I came up with a little automation process to keep me on my toes…. All that is required is an increase in self-awareness, and anyone can do this.

Whenever I catch myself ruminating over past events, I notice the habit of “struggle.” When the struggle is observed as a habit, and as a worn out behavior at that, I get a bit more clarity that the perspective is mine to shift. In other words, I see “it” for what it is:

[bctt tweet=”It’s just a worn out habit of being in the struggle mode.”]

Recognizing that old habit allows me to then shift consciously into a more productive state of being, where I create the new reality based on the frequency of ease instead of struggle.

Living in the frequency of ease has many payoffs. Regardless of what’s going on around me, as long as I consciously choose “ease,” the universe rises up to meet that clear expectation of ease. And even when life tries to show me other frequencies, the longer I stay committed to living my life in the key of ease, the more the universe delivers on my expectations.

[bctt tweet=”If you find yourself not living a life of ease, ask yourself why? What holds you in a pattern of dis-ease? ” via=”no”]

  • Is an old addiction to stress hormones holding you in that flight path of stress?
  • Is the familiar feeling of struggle holding you captive?
  • Is your identity dependent on your struggle story?

When you can look at what you get for holding onto the old boots of struggle, you are freed to make the decision of what to keep and what to release. As example, keep the lessons and discard the pain. Turn the struggle into strength.

Choose ease. Breathe in ease, even when the world tries to show you differently. Consciously decide the frequency of your life.  ♥

Let me know how that goes….
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