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How You See Others is How YOU See Yourself

Your relationships with others are mirrors of your relationships with you. That’s because we project our feelings and beliefs outward onto others and onto our environments. It took me a lot of years and some lengthy periods of deep reflection before I truly understood that the way I experienced life was largely due to how I saw myself.

As it turns out, there’s enormous personal power in that discovery. No more feeling victimized or embarrassed to take the path that has long called…. It’s as if I were suddenly given permission to live life on my turns, and the world opened up to support my choices.

Of course, it was ME who gave me permission. It was never out of my hands, although I didn’t realize that truth until I was well into adulthood.

There is always a second side to everything. The realization of my own hand in my life creation came with the simultaneous realization that I am solely responsible for my results. It dawns on me that I can either see the storms or the beauty in the storms. And whatever I see, is a projection of how I see myself.

With this information, it’s productive to stay in bed for a few moments before starting the day, consciously planting the seeds for whatever will best fill the day. I’d noticed that soon after I wake, I would begin to think of all that’s wrong with the world. Then I would spend the day digging out from that deep mood. It was the lens I saw others through. And it wasn’t often pretty.

These days, I keep my eyes closed and imagine my perfect day. And only when it feels right, do I get up and start the day. Things run more smoothly, there are fewer unwelcome surprises, and relationships seem more authentic. All in all, taking ownership of my projections is the thread that weaves a beautiful life.

So how about you? Do you notice how your inner feelings are projected onto others? What small awareness may help you create the life that best suits you? Let me know if I can help.

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