I Am SO SORRY! Mercury Retrograde is kicking my a….

I Am SO SORRY! Mercury Retrograde is kicking my a….

It’s been a Mercury-Retrograde driven week! Technology has been front and center in demanding my attention! As a byproduct of now rebuilding my website (yep. it was a mess and the recovery is still in process), some posts went out that were not meant for human consumption! I am so sorry to sent out the blank blog posts! It’s a matter of posting some images into a new “slider” for my newly up-graded website, and all those image posts were never meant to see the light of day! And they sure were not meant to end up cluttering your inbox!

…however, being a believer that “there are no accidents” and sensing there is a gift in the crash of my site, I have determined rather than get angry and frustrated, I would simply take the cue from the Universe and update my website.

I have been considering the upgrade for several months. The Universe just brought my attention to the fact that the time to make the changes is now here. And so, again I ask for your forgiveness in sending out some confusing posts that led to nowhere….

The Universe has been in touch with me a LOT lately, and my lesson for the waning month of April seems to resonate with a frequency of focus and re-birth, and of heeding the messages of the Universe. With that spirit in mind, I promise to not send out obscure blog posts to you again…Mercury willing….
So how’s your week going? Is your technology intact? How about your eyesight? Are you focusing on whatever takes you to the next level of your expression? I have three openings this week for consults. If you want one, click the purple button below and schedule it. And if the schedule is filled, schedule a call into the next week. Hopefully Mercury’s retrograde status won’t affect us!

Purple Schedule Button

When you click the purple button you will be taken to my personal schedule where you can schedule our contact session. You will be asked ONE question prior to scheduling the session. That’s it. It’s super easy. Then you simply answer the phone when I call you, and we will strategize.

This is a $197 value, yours at NO COST.

Please only schedule if you will KEEP the appointment as I offer only 5 of these complimentary clarity calls each month.

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