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I need your help

Hi. I am guessing you are busy, so I will get to the point. I need your help.

We are putting the final touches on the new Winged-Women™ Academy and soon the doors will be open to the world.

That’s exciting, yes, and it’s also a bit of a new focus.

Here’s where you can help, if you have the desire and the time to invest. I need 10-20 takers to enroll in the first course, and although it will be $997 when it is no longer a BETA test, for the 10-20 who agree to participate, it will be just $47 for testers, and we even offer a 2 payment plan to make it really easy to get in. For $25 you’re in today!

Here are the details:

The course is a 30 day program that starts the minute you enroll.

For this BETA version, rather than wait for the weekly drip of each module, you can actually download the full four weeks as soon as you are in. That’s because I anxiously await the feedback for the test!

Here’s the thing:

You have access to all the same content, and you can download the PDFs, audio MP3s, and even the videos if you like. We were going to make the BETA version so that nothing was downloadable. I made an executive decision to give it all to the 10-20 who agree to step up and go thru the course.

The only difference is that you will be able to leave comments in the course portal, and that is not going to be the case for the full version.

Oh, and of the course the other difference is the price difference….

What I need is honest feedback. That means I have to hear your honest opinions, feedback, suggestions, and even criticisms where warranted. By agreeing to be a tester, you’re agreeing to give me that feedback. That’s it.

Because it’s a new moon, and planting seeds by the new moon energies makes for greater levels of success, I am launching this today.

That’s good news for you, because if you decide to be one of the testers, you can start today during the new moon energy too, and that makes for success!

You can expect to come out the other side, changed, when you go thru this program. My questions to you will be to ask you how it changed you, what impact it had on you.

Anything else you give, such as a testimonial is icing on the BETA cake.

To take part in this BETA testing, just follow this link to the new Winged-Women™ Academy and you will see 2 course offerings. The one on the left is the one you want. You’ll see why when you get there.

To thank those who enroll and help me with polishing this first course, there will be bonuses.

For your candor, investment, and help in really making the academy into something special that will empower women global, eventually, I am offering a thank you gift that includes the Escaping the Chrysalis digital duo, valued at $125. That more than pays for your small investment!

Plus, I am also gifting all who participate in the BETA testing, a full 50% off any full priced services for the next 12 months. That bonus could be worth potentially thousands of dollars depending on the program it’s used on!

Plus, I am offering a 90-minute breakthrough session to the first 10 who enroll. That’s a $997 value!

And, I am giving all who help me with this BETA testing, a special unannounced gift that I will only give an enticing hint of… and that hint is “manifesting the life you desire….”

The real rewards though are the growth that I’m envisioning for all who participate. Those are the rewards I want to hear about when you have completed the course….

I’m really hoping you’ll say yes, and become a pioneer and a voice in the first course offered in the brand new Winged-Women™ Academy

Can you help me? I would love to have you! And I really do need and appreciate your help with this.

If you’re willing to provide honest feedback, and get a full 4-week course for a tiny investment, please do enroll today. I will be forever grateful to you.

Follow this link Winged-Women™ Academy and check it out.
PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS unless it’s with someone you truly trust to be a good tester of the program. This information is not for the public.

Thanks and appreciation to you with all my heart.
PS The BETA version will be completely removed after this trial run. Thanks for being here now. I need your help.

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