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If You Are Scared, It’s Not of Me

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If you’re scared, it’s not of me….

Often, very often, I receive email from readers who say they really want to change their life, that they really want to work with me, but they are scared. I don’t take it personally. If you are scared, I know it’s not of me. My self-esteem is intact 🙂

What I also know is that being scared comes from a place of unknowing. When we either don’t know what to expect, or we feel lacking of the skills or intelligence or education to complete a task, we may fear the next step. That’s human.

Give yourself permission to be human.
It’s healthy.

It’s widely accepted that the elixir to fear is faith. I take it a step further and say the quelling of fear comes thru information. But there’s that other edge that says when we don’t know something, we won’t know what questions to ask. I am going to answer those questions the best way I know how, with you in mind.

Most importantly, to set the stage, I need to say that I am sharing this content from my deepest heartfelt space, to your’s. My hope is that the emotion of love will touch you. That’s it. Simply, you are being sent a big heart-hug, oozing with love. And that may feel odd, especially if you are not used to allowing love into your life. But please stay with me here, because this is only going to be good medicine for your soul.

When I send out an invitation to connect with me, it probably feels exciting, intimidating, scary, intriguing, or maybe the thought of connecting makes you want to run away, unsubscribe.

It’s not me you’re scared of. It’s all those inner stories that still have the emotional charge to raise your blood pressure, to make your heart beat anxiously, to make you sweat.  And in 100% of the cases, when a woman connects with me, that emotional charge is alleviated.

When we connect, I give you a safe and sacred, and completely confidential space in which to look at those fears, to see where they were learned, and to find the beautiful gift in whatever that fear is about.

I cradle your heart and allow you to look at the monsters inside. They lose their power as you begin to see they were always there to help you, to keep you safe the best way they could. There are actually gifts in those monsters! And I can help you find those gifts!

When you learn to excavate the gifts from your past struggles, you are empowered. All that energy that was once stuck in your body, in your mind, and which has been crushing your true spirit, is free for expanding into other beautiful things.

You will feel different.
Others may notice that you look different. When the monsters are transmuted, you are healthier, happier, and freer.

That’s not scary, when you really think about it. 
That’s wonderful.

Here’s something to think about: You already lived thru whatever is still inside, haunting you, keeping you tethered to the past. It can’t hurt you now.
And I can show you how it can help you.

Schedule a completely confidential, complimentary (free) session with me where we will look at the ways in which you can find the gifts, and release whatever doesn’t make you proud, give you peace of mind, or otherwise empower you to live your best life.

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PS~ I must warn you that all things wonderful start to come into your life when the armor around your heart breaks away.

  • Are you prepared to give up the familiar distress and step into the light of self-love?
  • Are you ready to experience life without the heaviness?
  • Are you ready to create the new normal, with you feeling good about who you are?
  • Are you ready to feel that you are ENOUGH?

Remember, you are perfect in your humanness. Feel the fear, and then schedule the appointment using the button above.







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