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Visualization: Immerse Into YOU…Considering the Journey Within…

This is a visualization exercise where I am asking you to immerse into you…to consider the journey within. Please do not do this while driving or otherwise not present and engaged here. I kinda want to keep you around, so play safe!

Okay, provided it’s safe to proceed, imagine that you have just invested in to a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching or a 6-Month Winged-Women™ Coaching Program with me. What do you feel? Are you excited to immerse fully into you, a bit anxious to peel back the layers, to look deeply into the corners, curious to discover what you’ll excavate as together we sift and sort, and you choose what to own and release what no longer suits you…or does the thought of really getting to know you, to see your authentic self up close, to perhaps disarm some monsters and to learn to trust yourself, to claim your voice, to consciously claim responsibility for and to create your life experiences, to finally own your wings…does that bring up feelings more like fear?

I’ll not lie to you. Fear is most often the first response women experience when asked to come face-to-face (literally or figuratively) with the reflection in the mirror. It’s funny really; we do it every day at least once: We look in the mirror and we fluff our hair, remove the smudges, check our teeth, and make quick and repetitive judgments at what we see…. And then we go about our day.

What’s different about looking in the mirror, moving beyond the surface, and giving yourself permission to see deeper, to journey inward to that place where all your secrets are hidden is that it requires you actually see beyond what’s in the mirror.

Does your heart race when considering the journey within?
If so, you’re not alone….

Still imagining you are taking this 90 day or even 6 month immersion program, take a moment and focus on your physical body for a moment. What do you feel physically? What are your hands doing? Are your palms dry or sweaty? Are your fists clenched or relaxed? What of your jaw? How is it held? Do you experience pain or stress or tightness anywhere in your body? Notice your heart. Is it beating a healthy consistent beat, or is it slightly (or extremely) elevated? Go throughout your entire body, noticing the physical feeling held in your body. Just notice, without judgment. How do you feel?

Now shift your awareness to your thoughts: What thoughts come up as you consider taking the deep-dive into the unknown waters of YOU? What is the mental loop that circles in your head? Are the messages supportive? Are the messages worn-out self-deprecating tapes shoulds and oughts?  Whose voice do you hear in your head telling you what you should or shouldn’t feel or think or do? Again, just notice, without judgments.

Still imagining you have just committed to a particular coaching program with me, drop down into your core spirit center…. Focus now on your inner goddess, that infinite source of support for all that you, and for all that you are. Breathe into this sacred chamber where all your strengths and wisdom have roots. Relax into this source of all your brilliance, and your safety. How do you feel to be in your core? Again, no judging. This is a safe and supportive space. Enjoy it. This is the space of inspiration (from the words “in-spirit“) Be in this supportive space for as long as feels comfortable (you’ll know intuitively, when it’s time to return outward).

When you come back into your daily world, consider the whole experience of your physical feelings, your primary thoughts, and your spirit. When you can integrate all three sources of the whole/gestalt of you, you are most in your authentic integrity. This is your feminine power center. And this is not something to fear.

Even if you never hire a coach (although I cannot imagine why everyone doesn’t have at least one coach!) taking the inner journey is the most important decision of your life. The rewards are innumerable. And the core truth of being human is that you deserve what you desire. Read that again: You deserve what you desire.

When you step into the aligned wholeness of your feminine power, your life shifts. There is nothing to fear. And you have so much to share with the world….

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

― Audre Lorde

Fear is fuel to propel you to your destination. Rather than run from the fear, you will have learned to transform that fear. The monster loses its bite when seen as the messenger of empowerment…. In fact, there will never again be a monster that you cannot tame. You’ll have the knowledge and skills and the tools to tame any monster.

Are you ready to step into your feminine strengths? Test the waters with a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching Package that gives you more than an immersive dive into you. It actually gives you proprietary tools to transform your life in every area from love, to money, to transmute self-doubt, to bring you closer to your source of confidence and self-esteem and creativity. In just 90 days, you will have done a deep dive into the ways you’ve held yourself back. You will have made conscious decisions about how your monsters have actually brought gifts, and you will have learned how to embrace the gifts and release the monstrous remnants….

NOW Imagine This:

Imagine yourself once again, when you have decided to trust yourself enough to enter into this immersive 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching Program. You’ve gone within, and you have released what no longer supports you. You’re feeling confident. You know your life has purpose. And perhaps most importantly, you now have the toolbox of self-love tools to draw from anytime you want. You are empowered to be, do, and have whatever you choose to be, do, or have.

Now imagine you do nothing different and it’s three months from now. What’s transformed?
Now imagine you still do nothing and it’s six months from now…one year…three….

I am not invested in whether or not women show up for coaching. But the truth is, you choose your pathway in life, whether by conscious creation or by apathetic default. Which you choose, is the basis for what level of life enjoyment you reap.

Here’s another truth: The very moment you say “yes” to investing in yourself, the universe receives the message and brings to you an exact vibration to support that declaration of your value. In fact, the universe only says “yes”. It can do nothing but deliver the matching input to what you transmit. In other words, you cannot spew doubt and desperation and expect confidence and positivity to be attracted to you. You cannot broadcast self-loathing and have self-love show up as the mirrored reflection to your thoughts and feelings. You cannot emit feelings of hate and expect to experience love.

If you are experiencing an inner gnawing of not feeling as if you are enough, of not having enough, of not being enough, find a coach who specializes in “enough.” Because within every human is “enough.” And I can lead you to more than enough. Be brave, and click the link to learn more about how a 90-Day Deep Dive can empower you.

Seen enough? Ready to immerse?
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The rapid, permanent transformation is priceless.

Whatever you decide to do in 2018 to up-level your life, commit and take action. And share your experiences with us!

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