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INFINITE PIE and Coffee…

INFINITE PIE and Coffee are two of my favorite things. And together, they are the perfect pair.

A funny thing happened, that didn’t seem at all funny at the time. In truth, it was downright exasperating, It had been almost six hours of grueling editing of a video I’m making to market an exciting up-coming course called, Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self. It’s a course I am REALLY excited about. And you won’t even believe how amazingly affordable it will be! These things take time, though, and it won’t be out for several weeks or months, especially if the current trend keeps at it…but I am seriously getting ahead of myself….

Anyway, back to the point, in theory, it was supposed to be an easy process: the slides were made; the audio was recorded; the timing was pretty well set, and all that was left to do was to add a low level background music, throw in the credits at the end, maybe add a pretty image at the front end, and publish. Voila. Easy peasy….

Except that’s not what happened. In fact, when I hit the “publish video” button, everything I’d worked on disappeared, and was immediately replaced with orange warning markers splattered across the page like a construction zone of wind-scattered cones. (If you use Windows Movie Maker, chances are you’ve seen these orange triangular harbingers. Not a good sign!)

Voila, indeed. Like a magician gone rogue, all my hard work disappeared without so much as an “abracadabra” or a magic wand.


I searched for another hour. Finding nothing of substance, no pieces to repair, I resigned myself to the worst case scenario: I start over.

But not today.

Changing gears, and allowing my ire to settle, I went to my “to-do” list and began to consider what will take priority tomorrow, and for the coming week. It’s a little habit I have of creating my list for the following morning, mostly because it feels so good to cross off anything that gets accomplished. Plus it keeps my business organized. Of course now, that pesky video is at the top of tomorrow’s list, pushing everything back at least a day.

I just shook my head. It all gets done eventually. Sometimes surprisingly.

Moving on, I remembered there are some images I need to have cleaned up for use in creation of ad memes and such, and so I began contemplating which of my eBook covers I could promote or give away this week. There’s quite an assortment of choices, and that means several files to peruse.

Long story not so long, I ran onto a picture I’ve never seen before. And that’s odd. Because it’s a picture of my most recent book, INFINITE PIE. The image is the one at the top of this page.  I have no idea who I commissioned to create the image, no idea of who to credit. I also have no idea why I would not have known about it. And by the way, it wasn’t alone; there were five other images with this one, and I had never seen any of those either….

It’s got to be some Cosmic nudge or joke of the Angels that’s telling me to talk about INFINITE PIE and coffee today. That’s clearly what this mysterious image suggests! I think it’s a reminder to relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. -Stop fretting over lost videos.

And now all I can think of is how good a cup of coffee and a book would be!

The video will wait. The memes, the posts, the course content for the Winged-Women™ Academy, and even the laundry will wait…. I’m following the advice from the Cosmos, or the gremlins, or maybe even from my recently crossed over friend…. I’m taking a break for the remainder of the day, with INFINITE PIE and coffee. There’s an excerpt download below, if you’d like to follow my lead, put your feet up, and enjoy a beverage and a sample of what promises to be a good read….

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra
Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Frequency of Money & Love (GET IT ON AMAZON)

PS~ I hyperlinked the book ↑ title so you can get it on Amazon, if you like.
Plus, you can download an excerpt here→ INFINITE PIE EXCERPT


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