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Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love

There has been a lot of talk about ‘abundance’ since the first week of the new year. Many are speaking to a “feeling” of a shift towards an easier 2018, when compared to 2017. So how was 2017 for you? Did you struggle financially or in relations? Do you intend that 2018 be a better year, or just not a worse year than was 2017?

I read on someone’s social media page that they intended that 2018 “just not be worse than 2017.” I was taken back by the comment, and wondered what the past twelve months had brought to this writer. And then I understood my own filters in the story. I was putting judgement on the words. And honestly, I have no idea if 2017 was a good year for this person or not. My mindset, deduced the worst. When I considered it later, I understood that I really didn’t have the information to make any such opinion. Maybe this person had a perfectly lovely, abundant year. And maybe, they did not.

Here’s something to consider: There is infinite pie, and all that stops whatever you desire from manifesting in the physical plane, is mindset. And that’s the entire story of Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love. If you’re ready to focus on abundance, and walk away from lack, start with getting your copy through this special Amazon link:

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

Not only will you be enhancing YOUR life, when you buy through this special link, you’ll also be helping kids with cancer. I’d say that’s a pretty great way to start the year.

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Here’s something else to consider: How you do anything is how you do everything. That means if one area of your life is not flowing smoothly, it’s time to align and correct that wobble. And it’s not hard to do.

What is hard is continuing to struggle, day after day, after month, after year, and still feel that inner gnawing that you could do, have or be more. Yet without the tools and the support, how will anything change? How could it?

Albert Einstein is claimed to have said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” That’s a truly empowering quote, when you take the time to consider all the energy you may have invested in trying to solve a challenge. It’s not that we need not think, it is however, that we must allow for the spinning thoughts to quell, and go into our heart intelligence for the true solutions. And what better time can there be to “learn to see the world anew,” than at the beginning of a new year? That’s actually, in my estimation, the beauty of celebrating each year as a blank chapter, yet to be filled. We get to turn the last page of the last twelve months, and begin consciously creating the new chapter. So with that in mind, what will you create for 2018? Will the coming twelve months be “not worse” than the last? Or will you consciously create all that you truly desire and deserve? Plan to create all that you desire, and if it helps, download the free Goals Planner below by clicking on the cover. And if you’d like professional support from an award-winning coach, I have 3 openings left for a 3 month commitment. You’re worth it. See the details here: 90 Day Deep Dive Coaching
Whatever you do during the coming months, be sure to be good to you. You’re important. You have critical importance to the planet. We need you well, so please nurture your whole mind-body-spirit gestalt self.

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