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…From Finance to Romance,
the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love

When I started out with the concept of writing Infinite Pie in mind, it was with the understanding that if I had been wrong all my life, so too, have others. The beliefs I held, the thoughts that filled my head, the messages I had internalized, and the emotions that I felt about money, and indeed, about love, were wrong. Very wrong.

And where there is one person’s ‘a-ha’ realization, there are more people unknowingly waiting to resonate with the new message. I knew I had to share….

What I had learned about both money and love could fill a book. And that book, I surmised, could reach millions of people (women in particular), much more efficiently and certainly more quickly than I could ever reach in my coaching practice.

I have spent decades studying the “haves” and “have nots,”
as they are so indelicately classified.

I wanted to figure out why there is such a separation in a world with so much abundance. I needed to know why so many people live in loneliness when there are over seven-billion-four-hundred-million earthlings sharing the planet. All one need do is walk out the front door to find other humans to interact with, and yet few actual connections are being made.

I was intent to discover the ‘rinse-and-repeat’ formula for allowing a consistent flow abundance of love and wealth and joy into the lives of everyone who desires those fulfilling gifts, which are our birthright.

My craving for answers was insatiable. So, with the tenacity of a mother pit bull holding fiercely onto a fresh pork chop that she’ll feed to her pups, I sought answers.

The result of such prolonged hunger, of years of seeking, researching, and of finally truly understanding and then fully embracing the universal connection to all, is the creative source of Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love.

And now I share it with you.

If you feel lack in any area of your life, Infinite Pie is the sweet dessert you’ve been waiting for. It’s an easy to read journey that leads you into your erroneous beliefs, helps you to dissect and release the cycling thoughts that lead to the fear-based emotions that keep you in a holding pattern of lacking love, money, and/or joy.

And by the end, Infinite Pie is the story that will lead you to the ultimate feminine frequency of receptivity, where you will begin to allow-in the flow of abundance of so much more than just money….

• Learn to identify ways in which you may be blocking love and wealth
• Learn to release internalized energetic blocks to the circulation
• Learn to open to the natural feminine state of receptivity

Give yourself permission to answer honestly the following questions about love and money. Allow yourself to really feel your way into your responses.

1. What does money do for you?
2. What does love do for you?
3. What will you do when you have more than enough love and money?
4. WHO will you be when you have more than enough love and money?
5. How will your lifestyle be different when the flow of abundance is allowed to freely, easily flow into and throughout your life?

Buy the book. Open to your natural state of receptivity. Let love, wealth and joy come in.
Get it on Amazon. The special link above provides a contribution to St Jude Children’s Hospital.
Thank you for your support.

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

If you struggle with issues around money and/or love, it’s time to re-write the money stories and learn ways to allow abundance of love and money to flow into your life. There is Infinite Pie, and you deserve all that you desire.
Get it on Amazon.

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