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Inspiring Words For Reflection comes as a response to a very memorable lunch between women decades ago. The Introduction will reveal the full story….

Inspiring Words For Reflection is a gathering of inspirational quotes from timeless great thought leaders over the generations.

Created as a gift for the girls, this beautiful little volume of inspiration makes a perfect companion for your meditation or as a trigger for being in full connection with your guides and angels.

Inspiring Words for Reflection

Stock up now, and give all your special friends the gift of reflection and mindfulness. It’s small and powerful and the inspirational quotes will open your mind to contemplation…. 

Inspiring Words For Reflection is a lovely collection of inspiring quotes by some of the great thought-leaders of all time. It makes a wonderfully inspiring and thoughtful gift, as well as being a powerful tool for meditation and talking to your guides and angels.

Open to any page, and simply peruse the inspiring quotes until one ‘speaks’ to you. Listen with your heart and intuition as the quotes open you to thoughtfulness.

Share it with your friends, and use it to break the ice with would-be strangers. Or memorize a few of the thought-provoking quotes and have an insightful outlook to share at cocktail parties and such.

Inspiring Words For Reflection: A Women’s Collection of Empowering Quotes is just what it claims to be, inspiring and empowering. Get it today on Amazon! 

Inspiring Words For Reflection is the offspring of an especially impactful lunch I shared with my sister social workers decades ago. Read the introduction to Inspiring Words For Reflection, to learn exactly how the power of women brought this little treasure to be.

Especially dedicated to the evolving women of the globe who are unfolding their wings, and beginning to trust themselves to finally fly….

Get Inspiring Words For Reflection on Amazon! 

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