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Is “Entrepreneur” an Excuse to Not Work?

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Is “Entrepreneur” an excuse to Not work?

Are those of us who are following our dreams, and encouraging others to do the same, really just lazy sorts who use our dream as an excuse to not work? Or are we the ones who will pull the global economic slump up by its metaphorical bootstraps as we hire our VAs, our graphics and copy writers, and enlarge our staffs?

Are those 80+ hour work weeks really just time with our heads in the clouds? Or are we more in line with the day-dreamers like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney? Entrepreneurs know how many hours are spent enveloped in the passion that gladly steals so much time and energy. And entrepreneurs also have most likely had to ward off the evil demons of doubt thrown at them by relatives who fail to see the bravery and tenacity and value of chasing dreams.

The times have changed, and the economy has changed. And although there will always be a need for rule followers and soldiers, there will also always be a need for those who color outside of the box, at almost any cost.

So weigh in with your perspective. Is “entrepreneur” an excuse to not work? Or is it the path to global economic salvation?

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