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Is Righteous Indignation Stopping Your Flow of Abundance?


Today I pose the question, Is Righteous Indignation Stopping Your Flow of Abundance?

It’s only because I was cornered into feeling my own “righteous indignation” this week that I am compelled to ask you how your reflexive responses may be blocking the flow of abundance in your life.

My own story is a bit shameful, as I look back. It started when a friend came to me with her “righteous indignation” about a Super Soul Sunday episode that had aired. Oprah was interviewing a guest who had lost her three children and her parents on Christmas. A horrible tragedy, unquestionably, and one which Oprah compared to losing her dog and her friend Maya Angelou. My friend as incensed by Oprah’s interview, and as time went on, her emotion expanded into her being enraged.

I adore the works of Maya Angelou. I have a beautiful display bowl and silk pillow, each exhibiting one Angelou’s poetic affirmations. I have most of her books. And her death is indeed a great loss, while her eternal legacy is a powerful story with timeless treasures left as proof of her importance.

Yet for Oprah to compare her dog’s death, and Maya’s death to the unimaginable tragedy this guest and other angel moms suffer, was a trigger for my “angel mom” friend. She was furious that Oprah was “insensitive to” and “out of touch with” the depth of emotional pain that mothers live with when a child dies.

That fury is contagious.

I too am an angel mom, and I found myself, first making excuses for Oprah: She hasn’t had a child so she’s not connected. She was just ego driven and not thinking. She….

…and then I noticed myself starting to agree with my angry friend, agreeing that Oprah may indeed be out of touch with everyday people, and that the death of her dog and of her friend Maya in no way compare to the loss of a child.

I even went so far as to record a video –a video that will never see the light of day. A video that was a rant, albeit a calm rant. A video voicing the way that Oprah wounds us with her ignorance...and how she’s not even in the same universe with the pain angel moms live with….

And then I came to my senses.

In my morning meditation I came to terms with the pattern -MY PATTERN, that had been activated by my friend’s righteous indignation. I clearly saw my tendency of allowing her frenetic spurts to become my own emotional outbursts. Her pain and anger had become mine.

As intuitives, as empathic beings, it’s really easy to get caught up in the storm of others righteous indignation, without realizing that by doing so, we are calling in more of the same energies. I know full well that what I broadcast is returned. I’m also really clear that I am not at all interested in attracting a “shit-storm” of negativity into my life. I’m all for blue skies and peace and love. I outgrew the addiction to drama decades ago, and prefer sunshine to tornadoes.

Frankly, I don’t need or desire that level of low frequency knee-jerk energy in my life, and so I spent the remainder of the day clearing energies, cleaning closets, and vacuuming dust bunnies from my space. And journaling. And meditating some more….

I smudged my environment with smoldering sage and attracted positive energies and entities with sweet grass and jasmine.

In the process I consciously accepted my humanness and cleared some of the cords that in the past have connected me to patterns of self-sabotage. I forgave myself for my humanness and expressed gratitude for the lesson in non-judgment, in not criticizing others, and in staying in a safe and sacred frequency where abundance is attracted and not repelled.

And, I deleted the video.

Because honestly, that frequency would benefit no one and do no good. It was a lesson clearly intended for me. ♥
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