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Is Your Language Holding You Back?


Because I consider you to be a Very Important Person (VIP), today I have a sweet surprise for you. It is a downloadable, printable PDF entitled: Is Your Language Holding You Back? It’s a relatively short read, coming in at about 1500 words. Now here’s the real surprise: It contains a link where you can download a totally cost-free e-book version of Escaping the Chrysalis.

Escaping the Chrysalis 300+

I offer this gift to you, in part to express my gratitude at you still hanging with me as the website remodel dust settles. There have been some fits and some misses, and some fits by me over the technology glitches (hey, I’m human too). All in all, things are slowly beginning to take shape and the new updated website holds promise to be an even greater playground.

The second reason I am offering this gift is that I really seriously desire to empower the world. And it just seems unfair to keep the tools to myself. So please enjoy this very limited offer. I was going to ask that you opt in to receive it so that the bookkeeper can track the book readers. Then I decided to keep things simple and simply add the link to this page. No opt in necessary. Simple enough?

Anyway, life is busy, and I won’t take up any more of your time than I already have.
If you want today’s gratitude bonus, it’s on the other side of this VIP link:  Sparkle VIP2 tiny
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PS~ If you’re interested in creating lasting transformations in any area of your life, the next best thing to coaching with me is to get the empowering exercises in a workbook format! Grab your full-color copy on Amazon!
Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook:

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