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Is Your Story Hurting You? Happiness is Letting Go….

We all have stories that are pieces of our history. We may still be telling the same story decades after decades, reinforcing the energetic emotional vibration of the story and re-creating the story in different titles. So I ask you, is your story hurting you?

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Whatever it is, if your story is holding you back and keeping you stuck in an unhappy life, it’s time to claim your culpability for your circumstances.

You’ve become addicted to the emotions of your story. The drama, comedy, love story of your life is entrenched by the telling and re-creating of the same story over and over again. You’re type-cast in the role that you continue to act on.

We all know people who leave one relationship for the next, only to re-create the same circumstances with the new lover. And most humans are far removed from the truth that the drama and pain are created by them. It’s not the lovers’ faults. It’s not the world’s fault. It’s a lack of awareness that layers the same dysfunction covering the past layer of dysfunction.

Once the pattern is identified, and the desire to shift is made conscious, then life-change can happen. And this simple process works in any area of your life where things are not working the way you wish they would.

What are your vibes saying? Are you meditating, and thinking, and praying to improve your finances, romantic relationships, career, etc.? How’s that working for you?

Letting go of the inner beliefs and patterns is the source of creation. And the past does not necessarily dictate the future…unless that’s what you choose.

Here’s the simple process that I use with my clients when they seek to release the blocks to their happiness:

  • Identify the barrier (which is generally an emotion connected with a memory)
  • Uncover the benefits of holding onto the block (there’s always a reward)
  • Express gratitude and consciously release it

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To quote my cherished friend Linda Joy, “Happiness, joy, love & inspired living are yours for the taking. All you have to do is choose!”

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