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Is YOUR Vision Board Actually Repelling Your Desire?

Imagine this: You’ve spent hours and days gathering and cutting and pasting and creating.

Now you have a beautiful vision board in front of you, one that you can look at every day and hopefully bring about the desires you wish to manifest.

You’ve hung it front and center where you will see it often.

There it is: Your dream life. Your perfect car. Your perfect house. Your perfect life partner.

You have spent a lot of energy considering what to put on this vision board. Afterall, it is the depiction of all you wish for, all you desire to manifest.

And you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, so you know that creating a vision board is among the best ways to manifest that dream life.

But imagine instead of manifesting that dream life, all your good intentions are stopped at the paste stage.

Because not only have you created a beautiful vision board, you have also created a vision of what’s missing from your life.

You’ve created a gigantic affirmation of separation from all that you wish to manifest.

And it’s now hanging on your bedroom or office wall, greeting you throughout the day, taking your thoughts to that place of wishes and dreams.

Is Your Vision Board Actually Repelling Your Desire?


Your vision board could actually be repelling your desire by creating a sense of separation between you, and what you wish for.

Your vision board may not even include YOU in the big picture!

Today’s podcast is a short 4 minute audio recording about how your vision board may be repelling what you desire, and offers ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Before you get too annoyed with me, or with the thought of your vision board sabotaging your good intentions, let me reassure you that I am a certified Law of Attraction expert. And I am not here to say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction works every bit as well as gravity works on Earth.

And because it works so automatically, we must take it literally.

We must trust that it works, and that our desires are coming.

And with a bit of insight, we can have the desires, pretty much automatically.

What I offer you today, is a tiny piece of insight.

I think you’re gonna like it.

Let me know in the comments down below.  🙂

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PS ~ Here’s another little tool for aligning with your desires: Alignment Exercise


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