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It’s time to write that life changing book….


It’s time to write that life changing book….

My cherished colleague, Lisa Tener is generously offering a free webinar to inspire and encourage you to finally write that book that’s inside of you.

Even if you already have a notebook full of ideas for your book, it’s hard to know where to start, or to feel confident that your book idea has the “right stuff” to attract readers and make a difference in their lives. Would you agree? But ask yourself, who are you to deprive others from your hard-won expertise? Who is being held back because you have not yet shared your special insight?

It’s because I believe that you have something of value to share, something that is potentially life changing for the masses, that I am excited to tell you about an upcoming free webinar with Lisa Tener and Samantha Bennett, Bring Your Book to Life® in 2020 on Wednesday, January 15 at 8:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm PT.

Lisa is an award-winning book writing and publishing coach who has helped hundreds of first-time authors write, publish and leverage their books into a multitude of profitable, life-changing opportunities. Many of her clients have landed 5-to 6-figure publishing deals and appeared on Oprah, Today, CBS Early Show and other syndicated shows.

On this free call, Lisa will demystify the process of becoming a published author and help you:

  • Discover how to make your book a “Must Read” for your tribe.
  • Break through any self-doubt that’s been getting in the way.
  • Unlock your unique voice as a writer.
  • Learn our best techniques and tips for staying the course and completing your book, so nothing gets in the way of becoming a published author.
  • Learn 3 tips to write a high quality, fresh and transformative book quickly.
  • Bring Your Book to Life® in 2020!

I want you to know that becoming a published author adds layers of richness to life that can come no other way; it changes you, and it changes how others respond to you. This free call has the potential to transform your life, to enhance your self-esteem and bolster your self-confidence while sharing your unique experiences and perspective with others. The potential ripples are immeasurable!

Click this link to reserve your seat today:

And I’ll meet you there!

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