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Jan 1 2019

Is seems cliché to say, “Happy new year,” because unless we make conscious decisions to create mindful change, this “new year” will be neither more or less “happy” than any other year. Instead, I offer you a mirror to look into; to see yourself from a fresh vantage point: The possibilities of you living authentically, whole, balanced and happy. Only then, when you experience this optimal human state of homeostasis/balanced alignment with your whole mind-body-spirit self, can you really have a “happy new year”.

We each have a fresh page with 365 clean pages on which to write the story of our subjective lives. So what will your story be on December 31st of 2019? Will the tethers of your past anchor you to past pains and habits? Or will you take proactive action to create the life you desire and deserve?

What beliefs about who you are, do you need to dis-integrate in order to free up the energies for creation of that life? Do you know that your beliefs are nothing more than coping techniques that helped you to make sense of something that may have been out of your frame of reference when you experienced that something scary, or bewildering, or unfathomable in childhood?

To change your life, to re-write the story according to your desires means first forgiving your wounded self. Forgiving you for anything is the means to healing. And that healing opens the pathway to worthiness that has likely long eluded you. That healing is the critical key to your next 365 days of creating something different from what you have experienced up to this point.

Here’s a Secret:

Change is simple. It’s easy. It’s possible.

It takes commitment; not just a resolution that will be soon broken, but actual commitment to add fresh daily practices into your daily life.

So what’s one thing you can do today to shift your perspective, to change today’s page to something that supports you, and helps you to own your self-worth and deserving?

Ideas for Creating Change:

  • Add a new practice of movement by downloading a chime that reminds you to move your body.
  • Look in the mirror daily without averting your eyes as you speak only affirmations of love to your self.
  • Add fresh, in season foods to your diet.
  • Consciously drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day (Weigh 140/Drink 70 oz)
  • Journal your intentions, giving yourself permission to release your desires onto the page.
  • End the day with expressing gratitude for at least 5 things that bless you today.
  • Begin the day with 15 minutes of quiet “me time” for reflecting and listening to your soul’s message.
  • Acknowledge every emotion without holding on or trying to define it. Allow it to flow by.
  • Clear your physical space of anything broken or useless.
  • Create a lifestyle by design and not a default existence.
  • Add one new authentic higher energy relationship to your life.
  • Excavate one old belief that’s holding you small.
  • Find one appreciation for that old belief you’ve excavated.
  • Release that old belief and replace it with a new supportive belief.
  • Stop fighting for your limitations and start allowing the magnetism of worthiness.
  • Stop fostering the identify of self-doubt and start cultivating worthiness and deserving.

Who Decides?

Just because “it’s the way it’s always been,” doesn’t mean it’s right. There is neither right nor wrong. There is only you, making the best of every experience you’ve come thru. When we release notions of good and bad and right and wrong, and accept things without labeling them, we are allowed to let them pass without attachment and without them defining who we are. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to cease blaming and start taking responsibility for whatever has molded our current life. No one else decides for us, who we are, and what we can achieve. That blame game is a tool that ensures we keep stuck. It’s time to release blame and create change on our terms.

Decide means to cut away. So decide today to cut away any residual energies that no longer support your growth. Decide that you are worth it, whatever it is as you determine it to be. Decide to cut away the option of failure or of staying stuck in a life you didn’t consciously create. Decide to start the year on the trajectory to success, as defined by you. And then, like any good pilot, make the changes necessary as you follow through to your predetermine destination.

Need Self-Support?

If you want more ideas for implementing fresh rituals into your daily practice, you may want to check out the Winged-Women™ Academy. An easy way to ease in is with Mindful Life Creation, a simple process that you can use on your terms.

Check out Mindful Life Creation (a new tab will open)

Of course there is, at least for 2019, the option of coaching with me thru the Services tab (Subject to availability).

However you decide to use your 365 days, my hope is that you will invest mindfully in creation of the life you desire, and deserve. It’s time. Anything else is just old news.

Wishing you the best of all life offer.






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