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Law of Attraction Up-Leveled…

        … and a Cape with Which to Fly….

There is a lot of talk in this era we’re in, of manifesting our desires and co-creating our lives. A generation ago came Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then came The Secret. Both the weeds and the blossoms that continue to come from the awakening awareness that says we have a creative hand in our life events, are more prevalent than ever.

As we reach for the lifestyle we desire, as we set intentions for material things to show up -things that we believe will improve our lives once we can manifest them from thin air, we are also reaching for indisputable proof. We are asking for more than a covert sign that the Law of Attraction is real. We don’t want fantasy. We want evidence, hard tangible, verifiable, repeatable substantiation that we’re not on the “hook line and sinker” of a cosmic joke.

In psychology classes, we learned about “magical thinking.” And honestly, I still have a struggle with finding the balance between the lessons they taught and the personal experiences I’ve been privy to (experiences that tip my scales away from the psych data).

Still, I am a “show me” woman. That means I must receive enough reaffirming evidence to convince me of the truth or the BS of anything placed in my vision for acceptance. In other words, I like to KNOW that something is either true or false. And so, with that stubborn characteristic solidly in place, I did not seek out, but rather was hit in the face with the ways that I do in fact manifest the bulk of my life creations.

Here’s the thing: I’ve had an extraordinary life journey, although I didn’t always recognize it as such. Every experience was a leaf in my book, pressed between pages of more, and layered into rich and full lessons found only in deep reflection (and unearthed much later on).

Everything has NOT been of my mind’s making, as is often touted.

  • I did not use the law of attraction to bring about the death of my father, although that event could have magnetized me as it traumatized me.
  • I did not co-create the death of my brother -my best friend and twin flame.
  • I most adamantly protest against any magnetism in the greatest pain of my life -the death of my son.

No. The law of attraction is not acceptable as a convenient catch-all for excuses, as a blanket answer to unanswerable questions. No.

I am culpable for my results, okay. I buy that. And yet, I am not the creator of all that impacts me.

I examine the difference.
I own what’s mine.

I pick up the pieces and recreate from the scraps of the old, a new coat, lighter and lovelier than before.
A cape with which to fly….




PS~ I hope you fly….

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