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Letting Go of “Can’t” and Utilizing Clarity

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Today’s post is the first secret step in manifesting what you want. This time of year, many of us start to dream about what we want. We look around and something that we don’t like inspires us to want more of something different. That dislike is where change takes root. And this point where we notice what we don’t want is where manifesting anything starts. We may even take the next step to determine our goals for the coming year. We consider how we might manifest a partner, or a new home, or a new healthier body and image, increased wealth, or even a move to a new city where our spirit calls us to be. This is the point where too many of us stop the process of manifesting what we really want. We simply don’t invest necessary time and effort in formation of the clarity that speeds manifestation of what we want.

That second step, or more accurately, stop point, is a clear sign of self-doubt. The big “can’t” raises its ugly head and fills your thoughts with all the reasons you “can’t” have what you desire. And the raw truth is that if you don’t believe you are worthy of whatever you dream of, you will self-sabotage, however subtly the stops are placed. You will gather all the reasons why you “can’t” have what you desire. And the can’t will be what you manifest.

Another way we stop the natural process of manifestation is by overwhelming or underwhelming ourselves. When we make the desire too imaginable, we are halted in our tracks by thoughts of what we can achieve, and what we are worthy and deserving of experiencing in this life. Our can’ts stop the dream because we believe we are unworthy. And that unworthiness may be so deep that we don’t see it. The other side of that coin is when we don’t claim a goal that’s exciting enough to motivate action and passion. Your manifestation goal must be like Goldilocks: Just right.

Have you stopped long enough to decide what you want? The first and most important action is to take time to clarity exactly what you really, really want.  That clarity is the core piece to getting whatever it is that you want. Clarity is the fertilizer to dreams.

Today, set aside 30 minutes or so, and write your desires into your journal. What do you want to manifest this year? Give yourself permission to be ultra detailed in your clarity, and journal all the details you can come up with. Feel into the process, and allow the flow to fill your pages.

Tomorrow, I will post the next step for you to take. See you then….

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