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Life as a Pronoun

It’s fascinating that “life” is so often made to be a Monster outside of the self that can cause all sorts of damage. As though we have no input, Life (as a pronoun) controls, impacts, and basically runs the show.

This victimization by Life runs deep. It’s the thread in all beliefs, opinions, values, in the giving away of power, and it creates the tapestry of resultant outcomes that come of these inner weaves.

Life, as a pronoun, steals personal power and confidence, leaving bewildered carcasses of its energy-depleted victims strewn along the highway.... Click To Tweet

“Change my life,” is the battle cry I hear on a weekly basis. It’s the chant, the affirmation most repeated when awareness that YOU can change your life is missing. You can change your life rapidly when you cease to see life as a pronoun, but rather take back your power, decide that you are the creator, and begin to live life by conscious design, rather than as a victim of….

Carmen is a client who has been with me for several years, not because she has so much to “fix.” Carmen is not broken. And neither are you. Carmen has realized that she thrives with my help as her life coach, in the same way an Olympic contender thrives.

But here’s the thing: It’s not magic. It’s a set of tools that anyone can use. And although I truly love coaching, I don’t believe that long-term coaching is for everyone. In fact, I actually prefer the 90-Day Deep Dive coaching to the more intensive 24k Platinum Elite Signature Coaching that’s a 12 month investment. I like to get in and get out, and really blow the cover off Life, as a pronoun, and give you back the controls to navigate your experience on your terms.

Is coaching for you? Only you can answer that. What is certain is that if you’ve tried and failed to change patterns that continue to show up, you will benefit from skilled guidance and the right tools to create the permanent positive change in life that you do deeply desire (and deserve). And whether that coaching is from me or from someone else, it’s a very worthwhile investment. That’s because you probably “cannot see the forest for the trees.”  It takes a neutral observer to see beyond the layers of beliefs, values, and opinions that make you tick.

When Carmen says it’s magic, well, that’s how it appears. But what it really is, is a mixture of intuitive and practiced skills that allow me to shine the light of awareness on things you may have missed. And when you begin to see really clearly, the ways in which you are creating less than optimal results, then you can change your life. It’s not magic. But it sure feels like it.

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