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Jan Freedom: The Literal Feeling of ‘YES’

Businesswoman with magnifying glassIn the spirit of freedom (our chosen theme for the year), using the magnifying glass to shine the light on what stops that full-winged freedom seems a nice starting point….

As a purpose-driven human, are there times when your life path seems dimly lit? If so, is this because you are blocking clarity? The clarity is always within you, if only you learn, as Abraham says in the video below, to “enhance your receptivity.”

Indeed, being open to “receiving the signal” is your primary purpose if you truly desire to live in the light of your divine purpose. As another valuable layer to embracing and expanding your wholeness, you may wish to learn to “enhance your receptivity” by getting to the literal feeling of ‘yes’ as much as possible.

The literal feeling of ‘yes’ comes when you focus on what’s good in your life. Instead of looking for trouble or worrying about what’s “not” showing up in your life, sit still and allow the long list of what is working to surface. You have much for which to be grateful. And altering your point of focus practicing feeling the “yes” as opposed to focusing on what Abraham-Hicks calls “sloppy thinking,” will open the channel to more abundance in all things for which you feel the “yes.”

“Sloppy thinking” is when your thoughts fray and stray off to what’s not working for you, or to what’s “wrong” with the world. Instead of being a productive thought, sloppy thinking derails your success by taking your momentum off the energetic path that’s leading to your desires. Sloppy thinking is the opposite of affirming. Sloppy thinking creates the shade that blocks the clarity. And clarity is the light on your path. As we focus on the good that comes to us, as we are being in the literal feeling of ‘yes’ we are connecting with the light frequency and opening the channel to allow in the light of abundance.

Shift your point of focus to give attention to that which brings the literal feeling of ‘YES” into your whole beingness. Your inspiration is in the ‘YES’ feeling. And that feeling raises your frequency to allow more good feelings which raises your frequency to allow more good…which allows…. You get the picture.

What warms you? What is really working in your life?

Take a moment to be with the feeling which affirms that you are indeed on your life’s path, and feel the emotion when you know that the universe is desirous of supporting your highest good.

“If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remain in this vibration of “yes” and feel consciously how you co-create your experience of being human by determining your point of attraction. Keep this literal feeling of ‘yes’ as your primary point of attraction. It is your beacon. It will light your way.


January Affirmations:

  • I am the recipient of a lot of well-being coming into my life.
  • Abundance comes to me in food, friends, intelligence, opportunities, wealth, joy, love, and unexpected miracles.
  • More good is coming!

Happy New You.

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