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In 2018 Will You Live by Chance or by Choice?

The first week of a new year is energized with the frequency of opportunity. The dust of 2017 is settling, and the pathway to new destinations is unfolding…. The question is, will that path be consciously chosen, or will it be another year of default living?

As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that whatever I write to you, I also write to myself.

I breathe into this truth that it’s time to sit in stillness and decide consciously what I will feed, and what I will weed out of my life. Will I live by chance or by default? Only I can decide what my life will look like. And you alone, decide for yourself to live by chance or by choice….

I look up, and see a small card on my bulletin board that reads, What are you tolerating? Actually, it says “Stop tolerating bulls–t,” but I like to keep it clean so I bent the words a bit. Besides, we all learn best when we dive deeper into our own answers:

  • What am I tolerating that isn’t beneficial?
  • What am I tolerating that’s unsupportive?
  • WHO am I tolerating that it’s time to move away from?
  • What habits and patterns is it time to shed?

The point is, it’s no accident that I see those words at this moment. It’s a reminder to cease giving any attention to the frequency of drama (mine or others’), or to the habit of worry (again, mine or others’), or to the confusion others/I may like to stir. Seemingly random, but clearly orchestrated by higher source, the small card is a call to my soul, a reminder that we each create our subjective life by the expectations and emotions we energize with our thoughts. It’s a call to commit to life by my design.

Our emotions are the fuel that propels us forward, or keeps us mired in the past. WE decide.

We alone are responsible for our reactions to whatever comes up in life. And with awareness, we can consciously look at how we are creating our outcomes.

  • Are you allowing the beliefs of your ancestors to impact your results?
  • Do habits rule you, and dictate your success or failure?
  • Do you allow the opinions of others to control your direction?
  • Is your life given away as if it isn’t valuable, doesn’t matter?
  • Is your focus on the frequency of loss, fear, failure?
  • Are you living by chance or by choice?

Are you ready to decide how to live your best life?

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you probably know that I am a big fan of journaling. Your journal is a safe sounding board, and it is fertile ground for cultivating dreams, and is also a perfect venue for releasing your emotions onto the pages. Journaling is a healthy habit to adopt. And writing everything from gripes to gratitude is empowering. In fact, I think of journals as one of the top tools for transformation. And I’ve got a LOT of transformational tools to choose from!

Invest in a nice journal, and detail your life vision as you decide to create it. Add as much detail as possible, and feel your whole self as you consciously step now into the life you are consciously creating. It’s such a lovely reward to look back at your journal and see how far you’ve come, but save that reward for next year. That way, you’ll really see the expansion of the 12 month period. Then next year, you can decide what to change and what to keep in your creation.

In the image below is the actual journal I’m using for 2018. The beautiful goddess-embossed leather cover raises my vibration and contributes to the energetic frequency of everything input. Surprising perhaps, is that I’ve had this rare and valuable book for years. I guess everything has its own divine time, and it’s true of this journal too. The blank pages have called to me often, and now, I acknowledge the call to connect. (By the way, it came from Barnes & Noble, but I didn’t see anything comparable this year as I shopped there.)

Life is organic and so are you. It is/you are meant to change, expand, and to feed your whole self at the deepest level of wholeness. You are so much more than your mind, or your body, or your spirit. When you focus on the whole/gestalt of you, when you are aligned with mind-body-spirit empowerment, there is nothing you cannot have, or be, or do. Nothing. When you are aligned, when your resistance is released, when you are clear of your intention to manifest anything at all, nothing will stop you. And that requires only that you start where you are, consciously choose what you DO want, and stop feeding what you DON’T want. When you make the plan of your life, you will include what you do want. There’s not a benefit of crafting vision boards or reciting affirmations or journaling or haranguing about what you don’t want. Commit to focus on that which you intend to manifest now. And don’t pick up the bricks of the past, and then wonder why you can’t get past them….

Consider the pilot who first chooses the destination, then files a flight plan, and then makes corrections all the way to the pre-determined destination. You are the divine captain of your life. So consciously step into the cockpit, and take yourself to the destination of your choosing. And enjoy the journey, savoring every chosen moment.

Adopting the habit of journaling can enhance your life in every area. From keeping a Gratitude Journal, to tracking and interpreting your dreams, to designing your life, to expelling your limiting beliefs, your journaling can be your connection with your spirit, and can become your new BFF. Trust that your wisdom will flow freely onto the pages, and that the more you allow the flow from you to you, the clearer your life will be.

Have fun, and empower your life with the positive emotional frequency of love and joy; let the rest fall away. You deserve to live the life of choice, not chance.

Enjoy the journey…

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There is a process that separates success from failure. The process that creates a beautiful life is the consciously created plan, a plan that once designed and focused on, leads to a wonderful fulfilling journey, enriched with unfathomable gifts and precious results.

2018 can be YOUR year.
(If that’s what you choose.)
It starts today, when you make the choice to live by choice and not by chance.

When your payment is processed, you will arrive on the page where you will schedule our first session by either Skype or phone. Plan for approximately 90 minutes for the initial contact. And prepare to be amazed, and transformed….

PSS~ If you would rather download a perfectly fine way to journal, grab a Productivity Planner or Goals Planner from Winged-Women™ absolutely free. Neither is a journal in the strict sense, however each is a valuable way to plan and focus for success! The truth is, most years, I use a composition notebook, which I cover with a carefully chosen piece of fabric, and decorate to suit me. This is one of my favorites from the past:

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating a new journal each year, and making it uniquely mine. It’s a ritual that also enhances the preciousness of the place where I release my deepest thoughts and dreams and goals and “a-ha” moments. And it costs very little to create. I gotta say though, I am a fan of the written word as opposed to the electronic version, but if that’s your preference, you may want to create a beautiful computer generated word file as your journal. Either way you decide to express your thoughts and dreams, I hope you feel the spirit of reward and love as you spill onto the page.

Each cover above is hyperlinked to the specific free download PDF. Just click either or both.
Enjoy! xox

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