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Looking Backward and Forward

I’ve been looking backward and forward this week….

Wow. Can you believe we’re into December? How are you doing on your 2014 goals? Have your reached as far as you’d hoped? Did you accomplish some, most, or all of what you set out to achieve this year? I gotta tell you that I adopted a new vision concerning goals, and it’s one of looking back only briefly to see how far I’ve come. Otherwise, my sights are set on looking forward!

Objects in mirror

It’s like looking in the side mirror of an automobile as you drive down the street. Glance over at that mirror and see where you’ve come from, but don’t stay looking backwards too long! Keep your eye on the destination!

Things have been ultra-busy here as we get ready to tie the bow on 2014 and launch into the next twelve months. We are practicing optimism and gratitude. Some days are easier than others as we await the final stages of production of the highly anticipated Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook as well as the launch of the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp…. And in addition to these big productions, we have other very exciting things to come….

We’ve decided on our theme for 2015: FREEDOM. Freedom is a concept that infiltrates each area of our lives, whether we’re talking about financial freedom, freedom to be who we are without fear of repercussion, freedom to worship or not, freedom of…fill in the blank.

In our case, we are planning 12 unique newsletters, each month we’ll visit a fresh take on “freedom” in various areas. Regarding the issue of freedom, it’s intriguing, if not disconcerting to contemplate the ways in which we have lost ground, and also the ways in which we have stretched the goal line. There seems to be much fodder on the issue of freedom. And each month in 2015, the newsletter will have one short article designed to provoke thought, and perhaps inspire action.

It is my hope that this will be a more interactive year, with you sharing your personal perspectives, your opinions, your joys and your griefs. This playground is all about being human and all the emotions and characteristics of that humanness.

So take a moment and answer this question: In your life, what does freedom mean to you? Is freedom on your values list? It’s at the top of mine. In my estimation, without freedom, there is little to get excited about. And of course, that inner cynic asks the question of just how free we really are wherever we live… and of course I answer that inner voice because there is much to be learned by contrast.

Privilege of a lifetime

How about you? Do you feel free? Are you encumbered with psychological constraints, worries and doubts that stop you from feeling fully free? Are you physically free? Are you financially free? Are you free from abuse and neglect and stress and fear?

You don’t need to answer me. But I hope you will take time to reflect and then take any steps you feel compelled to take forward. If that means asking for help, ask. If it’s me that you ask, great, we’ll talk to see if we’re a fit. If not, that’s great too. Just vow to take the steps in your life to live free, as much as possible. It’s your life, after all….

Wherever in the world you are, I hope you are feeling free and warm and safe and loved. I appreciate you. And I hope for you all things wonderful.

To express my heartfelt gratitude, I have a little free gift for you –no opt-in necessary. No strings attached. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a part of my tribe. It’s heartwarming to consider the places we’ll be going in 2015!

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Looking Forward with Gratitude, Jan

PS ~ Have you ordered your copy of the transformational Companion Workbook yet?

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

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