Love is in the Air

February is a month that oozes love in the form of chocolates and roses and heart-shaped valentines. It’s also a month that can trigger depression, or at least, feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt in singles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you are feeling the pinch of the cupid’s missed dart, there’s a way to stop that feeling of missing out on love. Love IS in the air, and you need not wait on Cupid’s improved aim to experience fulfillment.

This year, instead of lamenting absence of love or wallowing in self-pity, change things up by up-leveling your self-care. Instead of waiting for someone else to offer sweet words and pampering, carve out some time for serious self-love. Do whatever makes you feel special, cherished, valued, cared for.  You are a goddess, so treat yourself to a self-care ritual deserving of your goddess self. Do it for you.

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When we genuinely care for our own needs and desires, we are fulfilled, as opposed to being needy. And that fulfillment makes us more attractive. To inspire that end result, I offer you this love-infused printable poem Comes the Dawn free from my heart to yours.

As a second gift, you may also enjoy Loving to Wholeness  a $17 value, yours free today to celebrate the frequency of love. Love is in the air, and whatever we can do personally and collectively to increase that frequency for this planet, is a wonderful thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.





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