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Manifesting as an Art Form

Manifesting as an art form is the topic for this post because in the last week alone, the subject has come up numerous times, and frankly, I am a near master at manifesting things. The caveat, in the spirit of full disclosure, is that I am really adept at manifesting lifestyles, and tangible goods, and relationships and co-creative connections, as opposed to, for instance, winning the lottery on demand.

As an example, experiencing severe burnout at my job with the Department of Social Services, against some serious odds, such as no capital, no retail space, no merchandise, no means of supporting my family outside of that government job that paid a pittance, no experience in sales or as a business owner, I manifested a beautiful new-age angel store that opened on my birthday in 1994. Once I made up my mind and aligned my decision with my heart and followed the Universal nudges that lit up the pathway to that lovely manifestation, it all came to fruition quickly and near effortlessly.

Similarly, when I was ready to move to Southern California, everything aligned and I was soon basking in the rays, toes in the sand, and inhaling the fresh breeze that comes in off the Pacific Ocean, residing in America’s Finest City.  All that got me there was alignment, and rolling over resistance.

Decades before the now touted Law of Attraction became en vogue, there were many of us who were chided for believing we had the power within to manifest everything from experiences, to gifts, to cars, homes, partners, and yes, even businesses. I had a friend who would manifest yellow daisies as a sign that she was on the “right path” and because yellow daisies were her favorite flower. She consistently shared stories about how yellow daisies would show up. And I can’t really doubt her claims, because yellow daisies have never shown up for me. And that’s fine, because I’m more of an angel-faced lavender rose sort of gal. And those have shown up for me.

And now, thanks in part to The Secret as well as to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, which seem to have taken root from both Wallace Wattle’s book The Science of Getting Rich and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the power to manifest is no longer viewed as a wackadoodle new-age belief held only by flower children and tree huggers.  These days, conscious manifesting is becoming a household practice, and it doesn’t require channeling the collective consciousness that goes by the name of Abraham. What is required is alignment. And as a Gestalt practitioner, alignment is the thread of everything that can be considered a success in life achievement. When you’re aligned, mind-body-spirit, nothing stops you. There is zero resistance and the speed of manifestation is extreme.

You still may be wondering why I am writing about manifesting. In my experience, when I’ve heard something three times, I figure it’s time to pay closer attention to the message. And because the subject of manifesting, and of the Law of Attraction has surfaced multiple times this past week, I am compelled to share the gist of those conversations, which is the question: “Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work?”

I kind of chuckle at the question, as it contains the answer. The Law of Attraction cannot “not work” any more than we can turn off the effects of air or gravity. We don’t use gravity, and we actually probably never give it a second thought, unless we’re skydiving and are faced with the pull as we free fall rapidly towards the unforgiving earth patch below….

The difference is, we only just began to be aware of how connected to the Universe we truly are. That awareness opens the lid on endless questions:

  • Why do some have so much while others have so little?
  • Why are people starving?
  • What is it that keeps people in a similar orbit financially speaking?
  • Why does the next relationship so closely resemble the last?
  • Why does the apple not fall far from the tree?
  • Why are people praying and not getting what they pray for?
  • Why isn’t the Law of Attraction taught in schools?
  • Why has it taken science so long to concur with metaphysics?

During the conversation that triggered this post, each client finally got to the realization that they were not aligned mind, body, and spirit when it came to conscious creation. In other words, their own resistance is the spoke in the wheel that stops the manifestation. And that resistance most often comes from a belief that is so habituated as to be unrecognized.

As an example, one client wants to accept a new position that pays a bit better than she currently earns and is in a different state that has a lower cost of living. The dilemma is that she is also very attracted to another position in yet another state that has a much higher cost of living and doesn’t offer a substantial pay increase to offset that higher cost of living. This one is her dream lifestyle, “if only it paid more.”

During our session, the client’s logical brain began lobbing resistances like hand grenades that blew up any chance of the dream job being manifest. She killed it before it could grow roots and blossom. She rationalized her decision as being adult, and conscientious, and logical. In my mind, all that logic and rationalization translated to resistance in the form of fear. She had cordoned off the area of her mind, and set the limits to possibilities, unaware that her very intention to take the safe route was restricting her limitless expansion.

I see this logic in those who shop in discount stores and fill their closets and drawers and shelves with inferior quality stuff that will end up in the landfill long before a quality item will. It’s the logic of scarcity. And that too is fear-based reasoning. It’s also the exact match to the point of attraction that sets the boundaries for manifesting that predictable level of scarcity existence.

Learning to harness the power of manifesting is not at all difficult. It takes self-awareness for getting past a scarcity mentality. If this is resonating with you, notice ways in which your actions, habits, and head-speak limit you, and in fact tether you to a predictable set point. And then decide to make a conscious shift by allowing yourself to live a little higher caliber. Gradually make up-leveling shifts to avoid the deathblow of resistance. Invest in that quality item that you will care for, and forego the sales of the kitsch. Treat yourself to that luxury item. Pass up the cheap products that hold no value. Start to consciously manifest the lifestyle you desire and deserve, by making small mindful changes that don’t scare you back into the old habits. Your life will change as your resistance is released. It can be no other way.

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