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Manifesting from the heart chamber

keys-to-the-kingdomRecently, I discovered, or perhaps more to the point re-membered with the part of my spirit that has always known…and had apparently forgotten, the key to manifestation.

[bctt tweet=”It seems that all is created in our sacred heart chamber.”]

And I had not only forgotten that truth, I had actually pretty much abandoned the heart chamber completely.

Are you curious as to what triggered the reminder of the heart chamber as being the core of all manifestation? Because if you want to know, I will happily share this truth with you. I am not like some coaches who make you sign a 6-12 month contract in order to get drip by drip content, that may or may not suit you. My passionate purpose is to inspire and empower as many women as possible, and that means, yes, I absolutely have an individual coaching menu of services, AND I also expect myself to deliver valuable content to you whether you are a paying member of services, a reader, or a group participant, or a blog follower. It’s important that I keep my eye on the goal of delivering the content that “inspires and empowers” and that I conscientiously work at spreading the information, products and services that accomplish that goal.

So with that intention to “inspire and empower,” I will share with you that I once had a terribly challenging period of lack that I apparently needed to experience in order to come back to the truth that I create. I create from my sacred heart chamber. We all do.


I fully believe that I had to go through a very rough period in order to learn (re-learn) and to then share with you the empowering truth that you too have the power within you to create any and every experience of your desires.

Once I stepped into my heart intelligence, and envisioned from a place of love rather than fear, the energies aligned and serious miracles began to take place one after the other. It was astonishing to me, that all required was moving into the heart intelligence. It took no more work to manifest, than it takes to feel love in the heart. Being centered in that creative frequency of love brought about astonishing results, when I stopped trying.

[bctt tweet=”These days, I am humbled by the gifts brought by the experience of lack.” via=”no”]

There are always Blessings in the Mire, and it seems that I have discovered a rather powerful, direct avenue to manifestation.

I’ll share with you that previously, I was good at manifesting “stuff” and not so good at bringing in the cash flow. As example, I could think of someone and they would show up or call, and I manifested a small retail Angel Store, pretty much out of thin air on (excuse the pun) a wing and a prayer…. I managed to fill that store with awesome celestial wares, including fabulous gossamer gowns and angel jewelry and cards and table top and wall art, etc. It still stands, although I am no longer the owner/proprietress of the store front. And then, quite suddenly, I could not manifest anything. And I didn’t understand why; what had changed?

[bctt tweet=”I went from a level of spirit connection to tabula rosa, following the death of my son.” via=”no”]

The frequency of death has a way of stopping everything, including manifestation of things that matter. The low vibration I drown in did not allow for expansion…at least not in the typical meaning.

In the next post, I will share another level of this heart-centered place of creation. If you want clarity in the meanwhile, I am sorry that I am unavailable until mid-May at least, to take Clarity Calls. But these should (God willing) resume in June. As an alternative I am open to your comments below, which I will respond to within at least 48 hours. (Generally sooner.)

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ILGpromoBanners_270x125 I hope your week is divine and abundant in love, health, wealth, laughter, and joy.

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