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Okay, Okay! Here’s the Manifesting Secret Technique for Your Toolbox!

envision-thisA week or so ago, I wrote about how I had been compelled by current events in the news to meditate on sending out love into the ethers. In that same email, I mentioned a process I use with my coaching clients to help them manifest beyond the typical vision board. In that email, I invited anyone who might want to learn the technique, to send an email and schedule a short call where I would walk you through the simple but effective process.

Well, I should have known better! So many of you asked about it, that my in-box and my schedule filled up and little else has gotten accomplished!

So what’s a coach to do?

I’ve decided to write out the steps here, and let you try it for yourself and see where it goes. So here’s the manifesting secret technique to add to your toolbox!

Here’s a heads-up:

  • It sounds simple
  • It IS simple.
  • It won’t take much time to set up. 
  • It gets rave reviews from clients who invest the time and effort to do it.

If you follow these instructions, you too may find yourself manifesting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want!

Typically, I see clients invest a lot of time and effort to create the perfect vision board. They seek out the images of their dream life, dream car, dream house, dream partner, dream job, etc., and they cut and paste and dream about all the things they want to have….

That’s great. Truly, I am all for creating vision boards. Even before I became certified in the Law of Attraction, I was creating vision boards. In truth, I have several, and each New Year’s Day, you’ll find me waist deep in clippings and glue sticks. And at the end of each year, you’ll find me dissecting what did and didn’t manifest from that board and adjusting accordingly.

It was only when I finally unearthed a couple of missing keys to manifesting that my manifesting really began to take off. I call it my manifesting muscle. And like all muscles, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. And we exercise that manifesting muscle by consciously infusing it with both our emotions and our envisioning…. We do it by infusing the vision with our infinite spirit frequency. We are infusing it with our whole self -mind, body, spirit essence, and when we do, wow!

Here’s what I’ve learned, and what I encourage my clients to do too:

Infuse emotion into the images as you cut them out and paste them down. Really FEEL yourself as having whatever you are putting onto that board.

PUT YOU in the board! I don’t know how many vision boards I’ve looked at, that were missing the most important part: YOU!

Place the finished product in a place where you can easily gaze at it while relaxing and playing some of your favorite music in the background.

Look at it each morning, and at night just before you fall asleep, and do so, always with the feeling of how you feel having manifested whatever is on the board.

Invest a full minute being the person -YOU- that you will be when your manifestation comes to fruition. The more you feel it, the faster it will come.

You probably know about the previous basic steps to manifesting, and maybe you’ve had a little luck, but you’re not consistently or predictably manifesting. Often, my clients come to me having had a bit of success, but without a clear concept of why they are sometimes able to easily manifest their desires and other times success eludes them….

Here’s the secret manifesting sauce I promised you….

Create TWO vision boards.

Create the one of all your desires and dreams, just as instructed above, and then create a second one of all the crappy things in and about your life.

Yep. I want you to create the vision board of everything that holds you back, that gets you down, that makes you feel small and insignificant. Fill the board with images that re-affirm a lack of self-worth, or lacking confidence, or emptiness, or whatever your life looks like right now. I want you to really get into this process and create the most heinous of all vision boards. Get it all out there and stuck down to that vision board.

And when you are through, I want you to hang them side-by-side on your wall in a conspicuous place where you will see them morning, noon, and night.

Keep them hung on your wall for at least 48-72 hours, even up to a week.

And notice how you feel when you see each of them.

Pay close attention to your physical feelings as well as your emotions. Be really aware of your thoughts as you look at both of these creations.

This exercise is a mind-body-spirit experiential exercise, so please do take the time to get a clear take on your experience at a mind, body, and spirit level….

Journal this experience daily. Really get into the process. This process is creating a shift, and you are about to shift…that’s another word for transformation.

At the end of the 48-72 hour window (you’ll know by the way it feels) look one final time at the two boards.

~Decide which of these visions you choose to manifest.

~Decide means to “cut away” and when you decide which of these visions you will manifest, you’re cutting away the other as an option.

~Destroy the one you didn’t choose. Rip it up. Burn it in a sacred ritual. Release it to the Universe for purification. Doing so gives a directive to your subconscious mind that things are now heading in a prescribed direction. So make a decision. Release the one you did not choose.

~And don’t ever, ever, ever pick it up again.

Stay committed to the vision you chose. Move consistently in the energetic frequency of the vision you’ve chosen and you will begin to see the results in a faster rate of manifestation than ever before.

The secret sauce for manifesting what you want, is the act of breaking through to your sub-conscious mind, and re-directing the vibrational frequency flow. And this technique works to that end by using the whole (gestalt) of who you are mind, body and spirit.

I told you it was simple.

Let me know how it goes, and what comes up for you as you complete the process. Send me an email or schedule a quick call.

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PS ~ Just for fun, I’ve included the MP3 Is Your Vision Board Repelling Your Desire?

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