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Masking the Pain

For the record, it’s not only women who wear masks. Everyone has a mask she or he wears as protection against the pain that’s going on inside. But masking the pain is only a band-aid at best. And no mask will ever heal what’s hidden beneath the surface.

To heal the inner pain requires the mask be removed, at least in the privacy of one’s own space, a space where some deep personal exploration can take place. And taking the risk to remove that mask, to peek at the rawness that tries so desperately to hide, instead of showing its face to the light where it can be healed is vulnerable. It takes courage to even look! And it takes conviction to leave that mask off, and allow the healing to happen.

When we do risk peeking at our wounds, we may discover that they are not nearly as bad as we had remembered. The wounds could be from childhood or from adult interactions, and either way, it’s time to apply the salve, put on our big girl panties, embrace the lesson, and let the pain fade.

The act of masking only delays the healing.

Have you ever experienced something so painful, that all you wanted to do was either drink, self-medicate, or sleep? But instead, you had to get up every morning, place one obedient foot after the other, and go out to face the world. During such times, you probably put on a mask like a suit of armor, to protect you from any possible touch that could disturb your fresh forming scabs. And eventually, those scabs were part of the face you put on each day….

Too often, those masks become such a part of who we are, that we forget they are not real.
Those masks are not really US….

Each painful experience we survive, takes a piece of our unique ‘wholeness’ pie, pecking away at our mind with relentless thoughts of “coulda, shoulda, what-ifs” that do not change the past, compelling us to add yet another brick to the wall that guards our heart, and leaving us to question our infinite authentic self.

When finally, we look at the ways in which we give up pieces of who we are, we see that we are living out of alignment with our integrity. And when those rather large chunks of who we are go missing, we are more vulnerable than ever.

Our integrity is threatened when we refuse to remove the masks and re-claim our right to be seen.

Whatever you’ve been through, you have come out the other side. The past cannot hurt you, because the past does not exist. There is only now. And now is the time to be who you are, on your terms. You don’t need the masks. Unless of course, that mask is consciously applied as you head out to celebrate the festivities of Halloween. Then you can rock that mask all night long! Just remember to take it off when the tricks and treats are over.

If you are ready to look beneath the surface and heal whatever is there, be brave and immerse yourself in a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching. You will emerge in 90 days, without those itchy scabs of past pains….

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