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Mastering the Magic of Projections to Empower Yourself: And Other Really Cool Tools

Mastering the magic of projections to empower yourself is truly at the core of many of the self-help techniques I offer you to fill your self-love toolkit.

Projections are simple to master, yet ultra-enlightening and empowering. Once you learn this easy technique, you will be able to impress friends with the astonishing information you can glean at anytime you like.

Today I am providing a podcast which, although is one of the first I ever recorded, just may contain the most valuable information of all that followed.

Mastering the magic of projections to empower yourself means:

  • never again having a dream or nightmare you don’t fully understand
  • seeing hidden messages in otherwise muddled communications
  • understanding which those effects in life you own, and which do not belong to you
  • determining your values and understanding how they affect your life and self-esteem
  • discover the ways your self-esteem affects every facet of your life
  • you have an intriguing party trick for impressing friends and co-workers 😉

I hope you enjoy the podcast. It was originally recorded in 2014, yet is still every bit as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded. …and it’s free.

So carve out about an hour of time, sit back and enjoy this educational “how-to” event. Mastering the magic of projections to empower yourself, is sure to be a technique you draw on often….
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